Hardiest Climbing Roses??

lilies_and_roses(1a)April 29, 2009

Hi... I was wondering if anyone could tell me from experience what the hardiest climbing roses are? I've ordered Polestar, Cape Diamond, Louis Jolliet and John Davis. I was going to purchase Alchymist, but the greenhouse staff said it wouldn't survive here. Does anyone have experience in the far north with the 4 climbers I am trying? Also, is there a yellow rose hardy enough for the far north? We can usually plant anything that grows in zone 3, but J.P. Connell and Morden Sunrise which are listed as being hardy in zone 3 are not advised for Fort McMurray.... what's up with the yellow roses not being hardy?

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

Maybe William Baffin?

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lionessrose(z4b Idaho)

Here in z4b Idaho,
I have had very good luck with John Cabot, John Davis, Veilchenblau & Ramblin' Red.
I planted William Baffin & New Dawn last season... looks good so far :o)
Don't know about a yellow climber, all the yellow's I have planted, if they do survive, are never a climber.
I have not yet found a good one.

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rideauroselad E.Ont4b

John Davis and Quadra are the best cold hardy climbers in the Explorer series in my experience. Both will grow to 6 or 7 feet and do well on a fence or a wall. These two roses will probably take 3 or 4 seasons to grow large and get established as climbers though, so patience is required.

Another one which may be hard to find is Northern Encore, also known as Polar Joy, very hardy with extremely good rebloom and can grow to over 7 feet when main canes are espalliered. Laterals will break all along the espalliered canes and grow to 5 or 6 feet. Hortico is the only place that advertises this rose as far as I know. The blooms are mid pink and 5 petalled but the rebloom is exceptional for a hardy rose. This one is very vigorous and rapid to establish itself. Northern Encore resulted from a cross between the Rugosa Sneezwerg and the Explorer Champlain. Help me find lists it as zone 4b, but with that breeding, it has got to be cane hardy to zone 3 at least.

Cheers, Rideau Rose Lad

Here is a link that might be useful: Northern Encore at Help Me Find

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karl_bapst_rosenut(5a, NW Indiana)

Quadra was the climber with the least dieback in my garden. Aside from the very tips of the canes there was no other damage.
Goldener Olymp is a yellow that grows well and is hardy in my garden. It does die back quite a bit but grows back quickly. Autumn Sunset is also relatively hardy. Except for Quadra all my climbers required more pruning than normal this year. The only winter protection they get is the oak leaves Mom Nature blows into the beds.

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Thanks guys! Quadra is one that I haven't ordered, but maybe I'll add it on. Northern Encore sounds interesting too.... I've always heard great things about Sneezwerg, so I like that they're related.

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