is it dead?

RachaelLemmon(5)April 28, 2014

I have a dbl knockout standard for 4 yrs now, but this past winter knocked it out. I have 4 canes alive but my question is , is the rest dead? Ive pruned off the obvious to me but im hardly a please, ive lost 3 shrubs for sure this winter , hope this one isnt a goner.

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Heres another shot

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seil zone 6b MI

I would wait a bit and see what decided to start growing and where. It's easier to tell then what to take off. Just because a cane is a darker color doesn't mean it's dead. As canes age the do get darker and more barky naturally. There may be more alive there than you think.

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charleney(8a PNW)

uh oh.. I think I see at least one good cane and maybe up to 3. Tree roses are a little tough to grow in your zone, I would think. I would start with the very dark black or brown canes and start cutting back the tips in 2-3" increments, until you get creamy white pith (inside)and cut to a swelling about 1/4 in. above. Good luck! I think tree roses (standards) are a challenge. wishing you very good luck!

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charleney(8a PNW)

Seil is always pretty much on the 'know'.

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Ive never asked a question seil or someone couldnt answer, thats why i come here to learn. I did keep trimming further and further but at a point i decided it was way more than i wanted and just stopped. Im no good with feeling positive about a cane being old or dead. The pith is white but the cambium is tan, not green.. or where there is green under the bark, it looks very dry. So i stopped cutting. I hope im not stuck with only those 4 new gangly canes from last never be able to train it back to its former glory. Fingers crossed in upstate :) thanks to all.

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yes charleney, ive had great luck with this standard. I bundle the graft but have never dug it out. I wrap everything above dr huey.. and hes as green as can be right this winter was just brutally cold up here in the mountains. Ill hope for the best . Even though its just a knockout , i really do love it. Say a little prayer for her !

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