First oil change - what a mess

tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)May 10, 2012

Hi - I have a small Troybuilt Press Washer bought last year at Lowes. Works OK. Has a Briggs vertical 175cc engine. The drain plug is underneath, a 3/8" square drive female fitting. That's OK, seen that already on my log splitter. Problem is the Pressure Washer engine is so darn low the to ground, AND it has a solvent tank underneath too, right near the drain plug. So I went to take the oil out, and it runs all over the solvent tank. What a mess. Tried to clean the dirty oil off, but can't reach it all. As mentioned I have seen this design on my log splitter, but that thing never comes in the garage. Stays in the tractor shed, on the dirt. Drip all you want out there. But this pressure washer can't stay outside in the winter (always holds some water), stays in the garage/basement. So now I have to watch that it doesn't drip dirty oil in the house. Question is, can I fit some kind of a stem with a flex hose on that will drain the oil cleanly. Or do the Briggs engineers have this terrible setup for a reason.

On the other hand, I also recently purchased a Generac generator (a twin cylinder, I think about 950cc). The engine oil drain has a flex hose about a foot long with a valve on it, . Just point the rubber hose at your oil drain pan, then open the valve. No muss, no fuss.

So what is it with these guys at Briggs? Is this as good as it gets with their stuff?

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Please post a link or picture showing the location where you would like an extended oil drain plug or valve. I know the feeling! IMO, pipe or copper tubing would be safer.

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your pressure washer pump probably similar to mine. It also has oil in it? (check you owners manual for servicing requirements). I would also check the oil level and the condition of the pump oil also. If I make mess I just use the pressure washer to clean it off after pre-ventive maintenance and let it sun dry or blow dry it with my blower. If it's got screw in pipe threaded drain plug you can extend it out by buying fittings at your local hardware store to plumb it out for easy access and draining. Or add the nipple and hose.

Briggs makes SGE's to fit several applications. the manufacture of the pressure pumps picks engine in there price range and profit margins. There engineers are the ones to blame not briggs or other engine manufactures that make engines for several applications. It probably added 50 cents to the cost and they figured most don't change the oil anyway.

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A valve with a nipple for a drain hose sounds like the way to go if you have room to adapt the "appropriate valve".

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