Homelite Super 2 Automatic Oiler problem

glynn(z7 MS)May 3, 2011

Unit #10521A auto oiler doesn't work. The air pump is pumping air into the oiltank. There appears to be a blockage between the ports that hold two 90 degree elbow fittings that are pressed into the motor housing. I was able to remove the 2 elbow fittings. They are clear but I cannot force air or oil thru the entering & exiting ports. I speculate that there is some sort of output regulator between the 2 ports. I am thinking about bypassing the 2 ports & running the output line from the oil tank directly to the bar outlet, but it might use a lot of oil.

Anyone had this problem & fixed it?

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I have had some oilers slow to respond to servicing and troubleshooting but all come clean and oiled with cleaning and "patience" being the #1.

1. Do you have a link to your parts diagram? If so, please post it.

2. Is a filter in your oiling system? That has been a #1 problem with fine sawdust blocking it.

3. Fine wire, compressed air have and back flushing and complete disassembly vs quick fixes have worked.

4. By-passing might work and orifice/restrict the flow if it�s too much.

Hopefully you have it flowing by now or you will get it going. Good Luck! loger

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gyln: The Super-2 has a crankcase pressurized auto oiling system . It uses a Duckbill valve within the oil tank to prevent picking up dirt and sawdust from within the oil tank . Also there should be a filter screen c/w a ball check within the oil pick up line . Sometimes the duckbill will deterorate and break off allowing sawdust to plug the inlet . Also the filter screen ball check can also sometime stick . You can find new duckbill valves online (Ebay) also the filters are readily available . I usually use kerosene for cleaning out the oil tank . Another issue is the bar oiling port on the Bar can plug very easily with crude. A tag wire along with compressed air and kerosene purges all these areas very well . I always recommend using the lightest bar oil available (winter oil) . You use more but it assist with keeping system fouling at a minimium . Good luck let us know how you make out .

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Thanks Ewalk! I'm getting rusty and I have limited - good experiences with my Poulans (3, S-25s). Helping friends with other small saws and small engines etc due to limited training (pre 1990) vs a business is my extent. I hate to see a "0" reply over 2-3 days when I see someone willing to work. We have too many young people that are not interested in maintaining and "Learning" vs purchasing another item or having it repaired. Help Pass A Trade Or Skill, "Enough Said"! loger

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Loger: No foul Dude ! I have been rather busy getting camp supplies ready , so have not been online all that much You are getting very proficient yourself within trouble shooting , must be all the repairing of those Poulan's lol . Just pulling your leg Bro :) Having left high school and studying Auto / Diesel Technolgy 2 yrs of College . I soon found there was greener grass within Steamfitting and a much cleaner Trade. I further progressed to a 3rd Class Stationary Engineer . My hobbies had always included Hunting and Fishing and Racing Dirt Bikes and Open Wheeled Modifieds & Snowmobiles . So actually a Jack of all Trades and Master of None Scenerio . Since my retirement I have actively worked with small engine repair , helping a friend of mine who has a Repair Shop . Keeps you active you know the idle hands rule of thumb . Anyhow All the Best have a Great Weekend !

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glynn(z7 MS)

Just to follow up on my original posting. The duckbill was missing from the tube in my Homelite's oil tank. I installed one and now there is oil coming out at the chain oiler. The oil output seems kinda slow to me, especially considering that it has 5w30 oil in the tank (just to see if it would work). I hadn't realize the importance of the duckbill. It apparently keeps compressed air & oil from backflowing into the crankcase too, because the saw was smoking like a fogger before I installed the duckbill and now it isn't. Thanks to everyone.

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