Craftsman Garage Door Opener quit

whitgallmanMay 23, 2011

My Dad has 2 Craftsman 1/2 hp chain drive garage door openers (GDO). One is a 13953535SRT1.

We think we had a voltage spike, surge because a number of electric items in his house quit working after the power pole was broken.

Neither of the GDOs work now. The outlets show 120V power. Do these type GDOs have any circuit protection like fusable link etc?

If not, what usually needs replacing if the units see a voltage spike (lightening hit)? A circuit board? the motors, capacitors?

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I had two to go out during a storm. Both doors tried to open but I had them locked due to opening from etc before. Both receivers on the wall went bad and the overhead motors continued to work fine. I was able to have generics receivers delivered with the understanding that I would only purchase them if they worked. They have worked over 10 years. loger

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Corrections: I had extra receivers but needed the generic remotes. The old Sears openers that reverse from pressure vs eyes seem simpler maybe not as safe?? loger

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The most common thing that happens when you have a power surge or electrical storm is it gets to the logic board. You can pull the board and check for burnt or missing traces on the printed circuit especially around the small transformer. There is no fusible link. Surge protectors are recommended but hardly anyone does that.

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I feel the logic boards will possibly have a noticeable burnt smell (as a modem did that went out during a storm). I have surge protectors on my openers as computers and etc.. I've heard if a lighting strike is close enough the surge protectors probably w/n help. I experience about 5 computers receiving expansion boardâÂÂs damages due to a strike and they all had surge protectors. If it is the board, the cost to you might be as much as another opener vs the actual board's cost. Electronics retail cost can be unreal in many cases.

Good Luck! loger

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