Karcher 2400 power washer help.

esoxluciusMay 8, 2010

So I garbage picked this what looks to be near new Karcher 2400 powerwasher. Had trouble with engine which i fixed. Hooked it all up to water, fired it up and it doesn't keep good consistent pressure. Took the unloader out and it looks real clean. My question is about the hose. Everything seems to screw on fine but on one end the hose is still loose in the coupling (i can wiggle the end around when coupling is tight) and leaks like a sieve. The o-rings and threads seem fine and I can't tighten the coupling any tighter. I assume it's not suppose to leak like this. Do i need a new hose/hose ends?


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I read once on the net that the unloader needs to be greased with white lithium grease.

There should be a hose washer on the coupling were the hose is attached. There is an O ring washer on the other side of the hose coupling which maybe needs to be replaced.

I have the exact same problem as you with my 2401 Karcher with inconsistent pressure.

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I had to pull the front of the pump off to try and fix my loosing pressure problem. Some oil leaked out, about 1/4 cup or less. What type of oil do I relace it with?

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