What happened to this rose? Please help

maeleApril 8, 2009

Hi all, this question is about a rose that I think was mislabelled as Ruby Meidiland or Meilland. Last year it had lots of small red blooms (not in clusters) spread all over the plant and even hanging a bit over the sides of the pot. It has thin branches with small reddish slightly downward pointing thorns and small not shiny leaves with reddish edges. It almost looks like a miniature rose, but is grafted and has a stronger structure similar to "The Fairy", but with softer stems like "Iceberg".

This year it has NO blooms and though the foliage looks healthy, I don't see a lot of possible shoots forming. But also, it has one very straight, thicker, greener stem with larger red downward pointing thorns very vigorously growing from the side. It does not appear to be growing from beneath the graft, but I can't be sure because all of the other branches are growing from about the same point.

Does anyone know what is happening here, or have any idea what rose I am talking about?

Also, the Fairy has only one bloom as well, and here in Los Angeles everything everywhere is already blooming.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Second year plants may produce shoots much stronger than they did the first year. Thorns and leaves may be slightly larger than you are used to. Wait until some of the leaves mature and compare those to the main plant-- color, texture, serration, prickles on the back, etc. It may be a good basal shoot rather than a rootstock sucker.

The lack of growth and bloom would be related to one or some of the following: pot size, soil, sunlight, fertilizer, or most likely water.

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jerijen(Zone 10)

Is The Fairy also in a pot? How big are the pots?


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Thank you for your replies... I'm going to check in the morning, but I think the new growth is similar to the old, just a lot bigger in every way. The way it's growing is freaking me out though, super long and straight, just weird looking on a small plant.
Funny you should mention the pots, as I've been thinking about repotting them, but have some concerns. I'll post tomorrow after I look at them again.

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I'm beginning to wonder if the long shoots coming up are 'Dr. Huey' understock or something.

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I had the same experience when I was using Miracle Gro. I learned that if you give a rose too much nitrogen the plant will grow tall and lanky and have few blooms. After I stopped using it and started using organics like fish fertilizer, alfalfa and Mill's Magic I started getting tons of blooms and not the leggy growth. Good luck.

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ok, I'm trying to figure out how to show a picture. Also I checked the leaves, stems, etc. and everything looks the same but bigger, and the thorns have the same shape but bigger and red... I think that the older thorns on the other branches were reddish at some point.
About repotting..
1) how big is too big of a pot, I've been repotting 5 gallons to 15 gallons, but now I'm afraid that the roots aren't big enough on my youngish roses to pick up the water in all that dirt.
2) I've had this one for one year, the container looks smaller than 5, bigger than 1, is there a 3gallon? and if so, what size up to repot? I have the same situation with the Fairy, but that one for sure has outgrown the container.

Thank you for your suggestions, and I don't think the pot has any miracle-gro in it, in fact I finally fed it about a week ago in its original container, and the Fairy as well. Also, I've seen dr. huey take over plants before, but those looked different to me, unless it wasn't dr. huey.

The reason they are all in pots is that I don't know if we will be moving in a couple years, so I'm afraid to put in the ground for the next two years. Is it better to keep in pots, or to plant, dig up, and replant if we move?

Sorry for the long post, but I'm so relieved to have found some kindred spirits.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Sounds like you have a nice big basal shoot, not a sucker. If so, it will set a bud in 2-3 weeks.

7-gal. pots will support a decent-sized rose, or 5-gal. should be OK for The Fairy and similar roses. 15-gal is good for large roses (which the Meidiland will become), but expensive and hard to move. If you are planning to move soon, I'd lean toward underpotting. It won't kill them unless they dry out completely.

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Finally, a picture! Here is the link


Not a great pic but you can see what I mean. Also, there is new growth on the Fairy and this one, now it's just me against the aphids.
Still thinking it was mislabelled, as the leaves are not glossy, and the flowers were not in clusters. Still, the plant might have been too young for clusters, but what about the leaves? Does anyone know if the leaves of Ruby Meidiland really are glossy, per the description?
Thanks for the advise about repotting, will get to it as soon as I have some time.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

There's an auto-link box. I think your Meidiland (or whatever it is) is just getting cranked up.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I think your Meidiland (or whatever it is) is just getting cranked up.

Me, too. Those Meidilands are much later to bloom here than any other rose.

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That's just a happy rose. You should've seen what emerged from my About Face the second year -- a veritable trunk, over 3 feet tall.

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Thanks everyone! I'll post a pic when it blooms... I think I'll wait til end of season to move to a bigger pot.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

You may need a larger pot before the end of the season. Check underneath from time to time, if you see roots starting to grow out of the holes in the bottom, then it is time to repot.

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I was afraid to repot during the growing/blooming season (not that it's blooming or even thinking about it), but I think it's ready. p.s Does anyone know if the San Gabriel Valley (a few miles east of and a few degrees warmer than Los Angeles) is zone 9 or 10? The maps I've seen aren't too clear.

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