krnuttleMarch 8, 2013

We are working on our lawn and designing the landscape. I am posting this to the tractor forum as I have been using my yard tractor and trailer to move the rocks. These are large (100 200 pounds) rocks tend to be move a round the yard.

What I have been doing is back the tiltbed tailer back to the rock, working it into the tailer, pulling the bed down, and taking the rock to the next locatiion.

Is there a better way for tha average gardener to move rocks.

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In the long run--citing damage to yer tractor drive mechanism, it might be cheaper to hire a guy with a larger, better for that job, type of tractor!

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While I am currently using my JD and trailer to move the rocks, I was looking for a mechanical system to lift the rocks and then transport them.

I had thought about some off center system that when it was rotated down to the position of either pulling or hitching to the tractor that would lift the rock to be easily moved.

I was trying to see what others have done.

The trailer recommended fro the trailer is rated several hundred pounds above the size of the rocks I would be moving.

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I did something similar several years ago at a summer home I built up on Lake Ontario, in N.Y. I simply got webbed tow strap and wrapped the strap around the rock a time or two then fastened it with the hook. Drug the rock to where I wanted it. They sometimes slipped off, but was pretty fast and I wasn't concerned with the "plowing" the rock provided as I hadn't finish graded and seeded yet.

Good luck,


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Ive used a rock boat for years. It is a sheet of steel roughly 21/2 feeet wide X 3 feet long, curved up at the front with a piece of chain welded as the hitch. Thinh shape of a car hood, sort of. No lifting involved, just lever the rocks aboard, shim with soil of piece of wood and haul.

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Hoods from 50s-70s Detroit monsters work great

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braeburn040(2B/3 BC)

I"ve moved a lot of rocks just exactly like Knuttle, I tilt the trailer up and hook a chain around the rock and hook the end to the high part of the up lifted trailer then sit on the front edge of the box while pulling on the chain by the time the trailer box latches down the rock just needs a slight push in, and "Bob's your uncle"
But I like the rock boat idea too.

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