Walmart for tractor batteries

wheelhorse_of_course(7)March 23, 2010

Hey folks,

If I recall correctly, several posters here have had good results with lawn/garden tractor batteries from Walmart.

Is there still a consensus these are good batteries?

Are they still cheap (I seem to recall $20)?

I cannot find this on their website - does anyone know if they still carry them?

Any other suggested vendors other than Walmart, TSC, or Sears?

Many thanks


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They are good batteries. I took a glance 2 weeks ago and I think all 3 of the common L&G batteries are now $25. 275cca r and standard terminal and the 350cca standard terminal.

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I would shop around (online) at the auto parts stores compare prices vs. CCA's and weight of the battery more weight more plates, more plates mopower! Autozone can usually beat wally world cca/price. I would stay away from sears and manufactures that don't make batteries, you pay for the name on the battery Like sears and what's that other quality brand?

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Although I'am not a big Walmart fan ,I have had good luck with their LT batteries.
TSC tends to be a little more expensive.
Unless you want to carry around a portable set of scales and weigh the different brands as suggested by rc , cold cranking amps is a pretty good indicator of power.

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One company that made the Sears Die Hard for a long long time was East Penn Manufacturing (Deka) in PA. Deka is probably one of the largest in the US still.

Because of the environmental laws, I wouldn't think there are too many large battery manufacturers in the US who could supply Walmart. And when they're that big, they can custom create a battery at a certain price and you probably get what you pay for.

Speaking of plates, I needed an engine hoist to lift the battery out of my Ford van, but the replacement at Auto Zone weighed as much as a loaf of bread. How they can guarantee it for 8 years is beyond me.

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Thanks to all that replied.

I'll report back in a few years!

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"Is there still a consensus these are good batteries?"

No, I think they are crape. There are other batteries out there for about the same price that last longer. Try an Auto Zone if you have one handy. They will have two prices of batteries, either one is better than Wal-mart, in my opinion with the higher priced one WAY better.

Walt Conner, a long time lawn mower, riding mower trader.

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Have had good luck with the Walmart batteries and usually get at least 6 months past warranty by trickle charging them during the winter at least every 2 weeks and when ever idle more than 2 weeks during sumer.

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Aren't they Exide batteries? When I used to use them in customer units, they went years before failing. I'm sure most of them didn't see a charger unless I put one on once a year. I started using a local battery company and hopefully they will have the same track record.

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I would be very shocked if they were Exide batteries. I guess they could be a sub-line. Lift one.

I am about to buy a battery in the next day or two. There are at least 8 places in our town to buy a lawn mower battery. That would be the 8th place I would look based on passed experience with lawn mower batteries AND car batteries.

Walt Conner

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I am on my 5th season with an Interstate SP-40,it sat through 4 cold PA winters in a unheated shed.Fires up the 15 horse Kholer every spring.Got tired of changeing out the wal-mart discount batteries every 2 seasons.

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Walmart battery prices seem to vary from store to store however they are fairly decent batteries made by Eastern Penn (Deka, Car Quest) in the Northeast only. JCI supplies the batteries for the remainder of the country which of course is your Sears, Duralast, Ac/Delco, etc. I did return three Ever Start (Never Start) batteries to Wally last year for failing to hold a charge. They have a new super wizbang tester at the return counter that the girl hooks up to your battery to see if it really is toast. The only good thing is that Wally hasn't changed the UPC in a couple of years if you follow.

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Duralast / Ac-Delco is what I have seen mostly up North here ! Prices are reasonable and if properly maintained the batteries seem to satisfy the original owners . I personally have switched to Orbital in all my Major Units. In the past have used Interstate and Exide with great satisfaction , have not seen them available in Walmart for yrs though .

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Nothing wrong with the Wal-Mart batteries, Many of them (Not all) are the same exact battery that are sold as a name brand elsewhere.

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I've had good luck with Wallyworld batteries - it was going on 6 years with the 20 dollar lawn tractor battery when I sold the tractor . Three years and counting on the heavy duty motorcycle battery I installed in spring 2007 . I prefer the Everstart LT batteries over Sears since the Diehard Gold I bought from them at twice the price went dead in 4 years .

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Always had good experience with NAPA batteries, either auto or tractor.

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Again, it's all about the CCA and CA's. all you got to do is look on the battery write down the CCA/CA and price, shop around and do the same? More CCA/CA the more lead plates in the battery. I dought the wally world brand has over 200CCA's. After all prices are falling back and so is the quality IMO. I would bet even their oil has less oil in it!? Haa, haaaa, Ha, Haa. Napa batteries probably have around 290 for alittle more and Attwoods batteries atleast have 230CCA's for the same price or less the last time I nosed around?

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I have a 2009 Sears tractor and the battery died today, so I purchased one of those Walmart batteries. It has a 90 day warranty and installed it today, started right up (pretty powerful). It was $25.00 and assume it will last through the summer. I use a trickle charger, so maybe a little longer. Time will tell. I would of bought a higher quality battery, but I need it quck and get my large lawn cut today!

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Lawn tractors engines will spin like top with new battery with at least 180 CA. Probably only needs about 100 CA to to start it. Most all brands will last two years if you do nothing providing your charging system is working. IMO what kills battery Cold, heat, setting, and poor charging system either undercharging or over charging. Power of battery in the weight not brand or price, but brand and weight has alot to due with price.

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