Husqvarna tractor won't start

socram420March 16, 2012

I just tried to start my Husqvarna lawn tractor after it had been stored away for the winter. I cranked it, it started for a few second and turned off. Now it only cranks but won't fire. I removed the old fuel and added fresh but still won't start.

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Get a rattlecan of carb cleaner. Remove Carb air cleaner top and element. Have an assistant crank the engine. Spray a short shot of the cleaner directly into the carb throat.

If engines fires and tries to start, you have a fuel delivery problem - plugged fuel line/filter/carb. May require a full carb teardown/cleaning.

If engine does not fire, ignition problem - make sure all controls are in correct position for starting, or perform ignition sys diagnosis. If tractor was stored where mice were around, look for chewed wire insulation under engine cooling shroud, etc.

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Ahh, yess, the Mouse Motel problem! Those critters love the taste of spark plug wires, and the smell of decaying grass cuttings! So, they find a way to crawl up in under the large tin flywheel cover, and merrily chew away at the wires, and old grass under there. Of course, they aren't very active in cold weather, so the make a section of fins into their terlet, and merrily fill it up with poo!
The mousies don't eat the wires, but just the insulation off them. Especially spark plug wires.
I disturbed one mother mousie as she was birthing another round of those pests. Took off the flywheel cover and there she was--3 out, and 2 more on the way! Well, they got a detour to Heavens Door! Bye-bye!

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I went through all your suggestions. All wiring is fine, no mice problems. I replaced my spark plug and checked fuel line. Fuel seems to flow fine from tank through filter and out the other end. I reassembled and still won't fire. I sprayed of shot of carb cleaner into carb opening while cranking and it started for a second or two. I'm thinking clogged carburetor. How do I go about cleaning it out. I already have it off.

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Ok, I actually. Got it started now. I cleaned carb and got the mower to stay on, but now it starts stalling out. It turns on fine but when I take it out of choke and adjust the throttle it starts stalling and dies.

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Spend a couple $ and replace the fuel filter to eliminate that as a problem.

IF it's a Kohler engine, get the CORRECT KOHLER filter.

IF that doesn't fix the problem, I'd suspect a nearly clogged Main Jet in the carb,'Maybe a strong dose of carb cleaner in the TANK will clean it without disassembly.

One other thought is maybe the "pin" in the fuel solenoid isn't retracting far enough because of corrosion.
The way it's located on the bottom of the carb, any water in the carb settles in that area.

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Im noticing that when I first turn on the mower and throtle is in choke position it's ok. I turned it on without the airfilter in place to see whats goin on in the carb. When I take it out of choke the outer fin opens up and that's when it starts to sputter and I notice the inner fin swinging back and forth along with the sputterin engine. Could it be the carb Ned replacing completely or maybe I move something when I took it apart to thoroughly clean it.

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The outer butterfly is the choke valve.
The inner is the throttle valve, which is controlled by the governor. As the engine speeds up/slows down the governor moves the valve in an attempt to stabilize the engine speed at the correct RPM.

You are not getting enough fuel THROUGH the carb.
This may be caused by either-
Not enough fuel TO the carb
if the carb is getting adequate fuel to it, a restricted Main Jet.

My previous advice still holds true.

You still haven't even told WHAT ENGINE IS ON IT!!

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My bad, it's a kohler engine on model yth20k46

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Another sat Mornin trying to get this thing going. I replaced fuel filter and removed carb to let it soak in carb cleaner for awhile and then sprayed through jet opening, it seems to be free of any blockage. Put everything back turned on but as soon as I bring the throttle out of the choke position engine starts sputtering and dies. Seems like the engine only stays on when inner governor fin is closed. Frustraing to say the least. The engine is a kohler courage 20. Spec# ps-sv600-0024 serial# 3719409893 model# yth20k46

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socram420 -
you're gona hafta disasm that carb all the way - let the parts soak in fresh carb cleaner overnite - with a magnifier locate and clean out all the small holes with a small dia bras/copper wire - blow everything clean with compressed air - reasm using a new carb kit for that particular carb.

Just dumping the entire carb in a can of cleaner won't get to the blockages that are most likely causing yer engine to not run well.

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