trimmer bump knob problem

jerri_2010May 27, 2011


I have a Homelite string trimmer (TrimLite model UT20760). The bump knob (officially called the "spool retainer") is stuck to the spool so I can no longer screw it off the drive shaft separately as designed. It is stuck so hard that tools (vice, vicegrip) are of no help trying to separate the knob from the spool. No cross-threading is involved (I can screw the bump knob/spool on and off the drive shaft as a unit and replace the line that way).

This is the second bump knob and spool that have seized up together in the past year. Does anyone know what might cause this and how I can prevent it in the future?

p.s. the shaft itself is not heating up


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I don't know you design or it this will help or not?, but usually if you bump it too hard on a hard surface it tighten the nut or knob (what even yo call the screw on that holes the spool in.) IMO you don't need to over tighen it or bump it hard on hard surface to get the string to advance. If you do it just tighten the nut tighter. I usually use big pair of water pumps (adjustable jaw wrench) to get mine when I can't unscrew it by hand.

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