loblolly pine seedligs pics

treenutt(8)January 4, 2014

Planted one year ago. Notice the grass, other seedlings, vines growing around it. Just imagine it was during the summer time with every thing being green. Would be hard to see.

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Hehe...I've got 6000 just like that, except mine can hardly be seen period. Even now that the weeds are brown and slightly shriveled, they still cover up the poor seedlings. And now of course, snow is present, that latter point being a good thing.

But what I'm saying is, it's easy when you just have a few, to keep competition beaten back, by whatever means or variety of means you adopt. When you've got thousands of them, are not retired, don't have unlimited time, etc.....you end up like me, deciding that what will be will be!

Thanks for the pics though. It's always good to see what others are doing.


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that is true. I don't have thousands, but hundreds. And no. I don't have the time as you mentioned. But the trees that were planted two years ago shows how they can punch through the vegetation and shoot up quickly. Will post them soon. Thanks for the comment. treenutt

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That is one of the true pleasures of starting with seedlings.......seeing them punch up through the weed layer. Then you know they're going to win the battle! I've seen little wispy tops of some of my larch, doing just that one year, towering over the weeds by just one year later. Great fun.


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