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jfausmithMay 24, 2010

My father-in-law has an old Gilson commercial garden tiller with rear tines. I have search every inch of the tiller and cannot find any serial number or model number. It could have been painted over some time in the past. It does have a B&S 4hp motor and is called a Powr-Kraft.

Without a model number I am not able to find replacement belts or a manual. Does anyone know how I could find a manual without a model number? I could take a picture of the tiller if that would help. I need a new drive belt because the one that is on it has fallen apart. I tried to take the belt down to a local lawn mower shop to see if I could get a replacement belt but they said that they couldn't help me without the model number of the tiller.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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I see that you just signed up on this forum today. The "Power Kraft" identifies it as a Mongtomery Wards tiller, and, yes, it was likely made by Gilson. Gilson is long gone, but their assets were acquired by Lawn Boy, and your local Lawn Boy dealer might be able to help.

If you will do a forum search for "Wards Gilson tiller," you will find numerous posts. Sort through those, and you will find quite a bit of info, plus some links to sites that have SOME Gilson tiller manuals. Somewhere in one of those posts you might find out where the serial number is. It's probably indented or etched into the metal somewhere, and a good cleaning followed by shining a strong flashlight at an angle across the metal might get you the serial number.

Good luck.

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Picture would help. Unfortunately the old "Rusty Tiller" site was closed by its owner.

Most Gilson were front tine tillers with worm gear transmission. I know of two rear tine tillers, the 39012 which was 5hp Briggs, and the 39008 which had 8hp Briggs. Both had chain drive transmissions. Most recent versions were 39012B and 39008B. They are from late 1970's to early 1980's.

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If you still have the old belt, even broken, take it to the local bearing & v-belt store. They can probably fix you up and for less money.

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I have a gilson rear tine tiller (power craft). The handle swings around for transport. It uses two belts, one for the drive power and the other for the tines. It has forward and reverse. 5 hp briggs. The model is GIL-39012B. If this is what you have, I can copy and send by email, I think.

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Does anyone know where I could get a manual for a gilson rototiller modle # 5111445432
Please help, Mike. serial # 8069c1 442

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Hi all: I am also looking for a manual for Gilson 5HP tiller. Model 51142 46319. Still working but many squeaks and rattles. What a workhorse! I love 'em like this!!
Thanks, Lisa

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HI, I am looking for a manual for a Montgomery Ward/ Gilson model # 39007 A front tine tiller. I dont know the correct belt size or confiquration. Thanks for any help

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I have an old gilson tiller, mdl#39032A and a front tine tiller mdl# 27242004. I need info on belt pattern and belt numbers.

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Well, I cannot get my tiller to start up anymore. It needs a tune up pretty badly. I am not that great at doing these but can be handy when I need to be.

Each new day I have to 1)clean the spark plug and 2)spray some starting fluid into the air thingy that comes off top back side of engine.

Anyone have a manual? Anyone??
Thx, Lisa

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I am looking for a worm gear set. for a model#gil1580f Serial# 516 C1 724

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