Ho-mi garden tool #purchase

sciboy(6b)May 16, 2011

I bought a ho-mi at a local seed house today. I weight in the hand was perfect and the three edges all seemed to give different, useful hoeing types. But, sadly, it was not of very good construct. It feel apart after a few minutes of use.

I want a high quality, well manufactured version. Googling didn't seems to find one.

Does anyone know where I can get a well manufactured ho-mi?

Thanks so much!


New Freedom, PA


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Luther, I typed in Ho-mi and saw a good looking tool. I also bought 3 Ken Ho weeders this year from Amazon. They are OK, except I don't like stainless steel. I think Johnny's has a version that is not stainless steel.

Two of the three I bought this year I gave away, the other I put a long aluminum handle on, which needs the angle changed to be a good tool.

A quality cast iron tool is hard to find. I have better luck at garage sales, flea markets, and auctions.

I wish I had a better answer for you, maybe someone will come along on the forum to tell you just what you want to know.


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I am sure there aren't very many importers of this tool. The one I have is the one Johnny's sells.

Googling it seems to return 3 versions:
One, the one I have and Johnny's sells.
Two, the one like Johnny's but with a green band.
Third, one with 2 grooves cut into the handle.

The one with the green band looks identical to mine, but with a painted band.
The one with the grooves looks like it is from a different manufacturer. It's edge is sharpened, mine is not.

Do you like the ken ho? They seem to be well made.

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I like the ken ho weeder, but I like the old one I have much better. I am not sure what brand it is. It is one I bought many years ago for my mother and she is no longer able to use it.

The Ken ho weeder seems well made except for the stainless steel. It is harder to keep stainless steel sharp.

The one I cut the handle down on and install a aluminum mop, paint, or some type handle show promise when I bend the head so the blade cutting edge is not parallel with the ground. I also sharpen the back side of the blade so it is easier to come into the left side of the plant.


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