Best Hand Gardening Tools

mark_g(z6 NJ)May 23, 2010

We're outfitting our home with some new tools, and it's been a while. We hate tools esp wheelbarrows that just fall apart after a season (or less) of use, or where we're working at odds with the tool b/c it doesn't stand up to the task.

There seem to be a lot of makers out there, distributed in big boxes, hardware outlets, etc. Our last cpl tool purchases from one of the big boxes left us really disappointed--junk!

We'd appreciate if you have recently had positive experience with any brand, to pls let us know. We need need to replace rakes (road-stone & leaf), coal shovel for stones, and a heavy-duty 2-wheel wheelbarrow.

Thanks a lot! --Mark

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Ubique(Pac NW)

If you are looking for durable hand tools like spading forks, rakes etc, I would lean toward Lee Valley Tools. Wheel barrows I would pursue through Erie Products but I live in Canada so I don't know if Erie has a U.S. outlet.

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Lee Valley, for the most part, does carry good quality tools, but may not have what you are looking for. For a better selection go to the Ben Meadows and Forestry Suppliers web sites. Be prepared to open your purse wide.

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masiman(z7 VA)

It does not look like Erie distributes to the US. I wish they did, because they look to be an awesome product.

I do like Lee Valley but their prices are way too high sometimes. They do offer many unique very good quality items. I recommend checking prices elsewhere. evdpgh is right about other suppliers. Ben Meadows is really good, although I have not ordered from them before. Forestry and arborist suppliers will have some very fine tools but they will cost. You may find yourself defining which tools really need to be pro quality and which ones can you spend less on. Corona in general makes very good quality things for less than pro versions.

Baileys has great customer service and good prices. Wesspur and Sherrill Tree are two other sites.

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I have a Fiskars "Worlds best shovel" and love it. This shovel can't be broken without abuse. Of course, it's also physically heavy. Unfortunately, they're closing their factory in Sauk City WI and moving it to somewhere with cheaper labor.

Here are some tools offered by Joel at Earth Tools. They aren't quite what you requested, but they're very high quality tools.

Here is a link that might be useful: Long handled tools at Earth Tools

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Like everything else, garden tool quality has gone right out the window and eaten-up by the bottom line - profit. (we can take another 3mm off the thickness of that shovel blade and make another 100 million dollars) Good quality tools are still available, albeit at a higher price, but taken care of, will last a lifetime.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Tool Company

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