Supposed to frost tonight!

barb_roselover_inApril 27, 2010

What are you zone fivers going to do about the frost we are supposed to get tonight? They said it was going to get down to 33 here. Do you think the roses would take it? Mine are pretty well leafed out. - Barb

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diane_nj 6b/7a

They will be fine. 33 is not anything to worry about, it won't stay there for more than an hour or two.

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buford(7 NE GA)

Hopefully it will only get down to 33 and you shouldn't have any damage. 30 and below is when you start to get damage.

Don't feel bad, I'm in Georgia and it's supposed to go down to 39 tonight. This is a bit absurd.

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Don't worry Barb! My outside roses still tried to bloom at 28-30 degrees temperatures and it also took them a super long time to go dormant as well. It was not until just before February that they got "tired" of the cold and started to die back. But all of them emerged fine. They had no winter protection, no leaves, no soil, no mulch. Not even stray leaves could wander into their mesh-fenced off areas. They were completely exposed and very lucky and very abused roses, poor things. And we had record-breaking cold this year in Kansas.

Roses are tough especially if they're either well leafed out or in just out-of-dormancy state! We got an ice storm while mine was breaking out of dormancy. And in wintertime, mine continued to bloom in 35-39 degree weather as well. Celestialrose is actually the best person to vouch for hardy roses and how they can survive and still bloom in very cold weather. As DianeNJ says the frost won't linger for long. It's only very, very tender new basal canes when you start running into trouble at 25-28 degrees if it stays that cold for more than 4 days I would think?

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Barb, I am wondering the same for here tonight. Frost in late April is not that uncommon here. have my gardens as far advanced as they are is very unusual. When I did a walk around tonight I noticed that my Cuthbert Grant is full of buds! In Wisconsin in April??? Last year my roses didn't have their first flush until the 3rd week of June!!

Keeping my fingers crossed that the weatherman is wrong!

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karl_bapst_rosenut(5a, NW Indiana)

All I'm going to do is cover my tomatoe plants.
Mom Nature will take care of the roses.

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Karl, I sure hope you are right! :-)

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Yea, they will be fine. I'm in Columbus and it's supposed to get chilly overnight too. No big deal. If you have some tender new growth, it might wilt or slump over a little bit, but once it gets a little bit of sun tomorrow during the day, it will bounce right back no problem.

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

Good because we have a freeze warning here tonight! It's supposed to get down to lower 30's tonight! Ouch! The only thing I'm covering (gulp) is my hydrangea. Plants are tougher than we think I hope. I was a little worried about my newly planted bareroots though. They are in large containers, but I think they'll be ok.

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Right now it is SNOWING outside and there's an accumulation enough to coat my roses which are leafing out, but I'm not worried about it. I recall early December of last year when I still had some stray blooms trying to open and green leaves under the snowfall. Roses are much tougher than most people realize. I was amazed to see green leaves on my roses while I was decorating my
house for Christmas....a sight I'd never seen before. This snow and cold won't last long. It would have to be a hard freeze that lingers to do real harm. You never can rule out snow or frost this time of year no matter how mild or early the roses start which is why in my zone we don't even dare plant tomatoes outside til Memorial Day.
They are 'sissies' compared to roses.


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Most of my roses never even defoliated over the winter in Columbus. Graham Thomas could have kept all of his leaves from last year as they looked good as new, except for the fact that the budeyes broke over those 5 leaf sets and I had to pluck them off.

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Terry Crawford

Of COURSE it is going to frost tonite; I just planted all my annual containers yesterday. My DH toted them all in the garage for me. I stuck buckets over the New Guinea impatiens. Luckily it's only a one-nite event here.

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roseman(Z 8A GA)

If it were December, I'd worry, but not now. Spring is too far advanced now for a late frost to matter.

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There are a few that are walking the line and I cover the tender new growth with a dry cleaning bag over a trellis. Just to preserve the new growth when we expect frost.

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We did get a light frost, but after surveying the yard over lunch, it looks like little to no damage! Very happy camper here! :-)

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

No damage here either! My hydrangea was the only thing I covered and it came through with flying colors!

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

It was suppose to get to 30 degrees here last night, but, it stayed at 36 degrees and never dropped any lower.

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