tanaka/Kawasaki gas trimmers

janedibber(z5 ny)May 24, 2010

I'm looking at these two gas trimmers for work around the home.

Tanaka TCG-22EAS 21cc 7 yr res/2 yr comm warranty

Kawaski KTFR27A 26cc 5 yr res/90 day comm warranty

Both appear to be more of a pro-sumer type model. I like the larger engine on the Kaw, but the Tanaka has a stronger warranty...I'm leaning towards the Tanaka. Both can be purchased for a little under $200. Are these reliable "pro" brands compared to typical consumer models? Would the board recommend other models in this price range? thanks!

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You're not really comparing apples to apples.

The Kawasaki KTFR27A is string only, and has a flexible shaft. You need to look at a KMS27A to get solid shaft and multi attachment capability. It runs about $40 more, but often sold as a special with two attachments.

That said, the Tanaka would appear to be better value as it is purpose built for attachments and has solid shaft.

I wouldn't worry about engine size. 22cc is sufficient for well designed engine. The cheap box store stuff has gone to larger engines to compensate for inferior designs (such as half crank, etc.)

Lastly, while much better than the cheap stuff. Neither of these really compare with a true professional machine in the $300 plus category. Should be OK for your application as long as your expectations are realistic.

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janedibber(z5 ny)

thanks for the reply...much appreciated.

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janedibber, somone mentioned that your kitchen in the fkb has slate counters? Do you like them? How have they held up? Any info you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

Here is a link that might be useful: Slate Kitchen Counter Thread

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They both are good trimmers. As for Kawi, get the KGT27c. That is a true commercial trimmer. Look at on ebay new. They have good price there.

Flex shaft or solid shaft really depand on what you are going to use for. If you are just going to use it as a trimmer, they all good. My big Honda trimmer that is over $400 is flex shaft, it is a brush cutter come with saw blade. So unless you are going to put a tiller, sweep type of attachments, don't worry about it.

Tanaka is a good brand also. But I would go with the big Kawi. There are a lot of good comments on the Kawi KGT27c in the pro lawn forums, they really like it.

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