Need electric riding mower suggestions

greendreamhomeMarch 13, 2014

We're on an acre, so a riding mower is essential! Important features are a good mulching option and an option for edging (if that's possible; I may be just making this up. I've never owned my own riding mower.) Any suggestions for a high-quality electric riding mower? We're not basing our decision on price, but rather performance and reliability.

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I've never seen an all-electric rider. It takes a lot of amps to swing the blades PLUS carry a person around - think it would take too many batteries, be too heavy, etc.

I've seen all-electric push mowers. Their energy demand is a lot lower, but they are still only good for about an hour before they need recharging. I think a corded unit would just be asking for problems.

For an acre lot, you're going to need a gas or diesel engine, or lotsa exercise walking around. If you really don't want gas or diesel, you have two options: Get an electric push mower and push it around, or get a high-quality reel mower and push that around. Make it your morning ritual to mow 10,000 square feet of grass every morning for part of your exercise routine, and you should be able to keep up (depending on how much rain you get, etc.). Oh, there is also the option of a scythe, but you'd need a good high-quality lightweight European style to keep up with that acreage.

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gewf631(Chicago NW Burb)

Actually, GE did make an electric tractor. This is from Wikipedia:
"The GE Elec-Trak was the first commercially produced all-electric garden tractor, made mostly between 1969 and 1975"

But good luck finding one in good working order and reasonably priced

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There are definitely all-electric mowers. Example:

An hour is quite enough before recharging. (That's what the above unit has.) We don't have grass on the ENTIRE property!

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After using the link to go to that website, be sure you click to read the reviews this mower got.
The first review was a bit humorous ( to me) as the guy was praising it highly, but the company answered his praise by apologizing and promising to get help to him.

Here is a link that might be useful: Electric riding mower

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I don't know what the heck is wrong with the marketing communications department at Club Cadet, but they have some bogus reviews on there. One of the reviewers complained about "constant oil leaks" and "parts falling out of the exhaust." Yeah, we REALLY believe you have those problems with an all-electric mower, buddy. I didn't see the reply you were referring to, however.

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I don't know what link you clicked.
I did not see any references to Cub Cadet at the site of the link I posted.
Click this link and see if it takes you to the electric mower reviews I was citing.
The website is called "Mowers Direct".

Here is a link that might be useful: Reviews

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to clarify, "Recharge" is a different company from Cub Cadet. Both offer versions of electric riding mowers....

Here is a link that might be useful: Recharge website

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I don't think greendreamhome knows about clicking the links I inserted at the bottom of the posts.
Must have gone back to the URL listed in their own post instead.
Oh well, watts in your wallet?

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Mownie -- Your original reply began, "After using the link to go to THAT website," which I, presumed referred to the Recharge website I had shared.

I did, indeed, click the link at the bottom of your first post. At first I didn't see any reviews. Now that I check again, I see that the link goes to a results page, and if I choose the result I get to the real product page and the reviews.

Now we know of TWO marketing departments that are screwed up!

By the way, the Recharge people called me this morning to answer questions.

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I probably should have identified the website as Mowers Direct instead of simply stating "that website".
Further, you did not post or share a URL nor a link to the Recharge website.
You posted a URL for the Cub Cadet website.
I posted a link to Mowers Direct, rcbe posted a link to the Recharge website.

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To not need to buy gas over the 10-20 years would be a huge savings especially if the alternative is a 25hp engine like they like to sell. not to mention oil, gas and air filters. I would hold back buying one if it was one of the smaller companies trying to sell their product. I would not want to worry about them going out of business. These machines are not cheap. Here is one by Hustler that was interesting.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hustler Zeon.
Able to mow over an acre without recharge.
With the standard charger, it requires 21 to 23 hours to recharge.
With the optional (at extra cost) high performance charger, it can be done in 5.5 hours.
The electrical system is 48 VDC derived by connecting 4 12VDC batteries in series.
Hustler does not state but those batteries (shown in owner's manual) look to be Group 31 automotive batteries.
Price 4 of those and consider replacement of all 4 at 2 to 4 year cycles. Add in the cost increase of your house electric bill.
Compare all that to the cost of gasoline or Diesel fuel and then report back about the green.

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What happened to the Gas/Electric tractor that Lowe's was selling a while back, got quite a bit of discussion here as I recall? I even went to a local Lowe's and looked at one, was impressive, even though they'd all been removed from the selling floor until the vendor could replace all the defective seat switches.

My BIL had one of the GE units "back in the day," and I didn't like it. Weighed a ton (batteries), didn't go long without a recharge and ATE very expensive batteries. It's a great idea, but a motor on each blade, plus one or more for transport means a lot of amps.


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Get some sheep. :)

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gewf631(Chicago NW Burb)

Looks like that hybrid is coming-back to market

Here is a link that might be useful: Raven America

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Hold on, we're talking about buying a $5K Hustler Zeon (which has pretty terrible reviews from what I can find ) to save gas money? On a 1 acre lot?

Buy a $400 used ride on on craigslist. Use it for 2 or 3 years. Then decide if you need something better. You'll probably spend $100 on gas over those years, and be able to resell the thing for what you paid for it.

I mow a 4 acre lot with an old Craftsman LT4000.It's 42" cut mower that I found on craigslist. I've put a LOT of hours over the last year, and have refilled the 5g gas jug I use for it maybe twice or 3 times. I'm sure newer ones are more efficient.

I mowed about 1/10 of an acre with a reel mower for a year and a half...nightmare. I can't even imagine doing a full acre. Its fine if you really keep up on it, but if you wait a couple extra days...

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