What's the best place to buy roses online?

meeshrosesApril 10, 2010

I'm looking to start a rose garden. I'd love some recommendations on which online companies you'd use for purchasing roses (hybrid tea or similar). I'd also pay for shipment of any cuttings you might have to share.

Thanks so much.


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I would think it is too late to plant bare-root roses (which is what many of the online companies sell) in Zone 7. However, Roses Unlimited sends terrific roses in pots, so they might be the best place for you to look. They require a minimum of 3 roses, but it sounds like you are up for that. Roses Unlimited is one of the best sources available.

Those of us who plant bare-roots usually put in our orders months ago and have already planted them.

Have fun with your order.


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Chamblee's. And if you are a novice in rose gardening start with G. Buck roses.

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I recommend Northland Rosarium. All their roses are own root healthy roses and I have bought from them year after year and they are a top notch company.

The benefit of own root roses is if your rose bush dies back for some reason, it will grow back from its roots the same roses you bought. With grafted roses, if the rose dies back it will grow some ugly rose that is mostly long canes with no roses. I think it's grafted on something called Dr. Huey rose but not sure.

Also Northland Rosarium guarantees their roses to be healthy. Last year I bought two roses. Well one of them was the wrong rose and I did not realize it until it bloomed. I emailed them with the problem and they sent me another right away free of charge. All of the roses I have ordered from them are quite small. If you usually buy from your roses from a store, then you are usually buying grafted roses, and they are already grown and in bloom. Well these are quite small, but don't fret because they grow very fast and I have not had ANY die as of yet. I cannot say the same for my grafted roses. I have had several of my grafted roses infected with rose mosaic virus, and other have died back and started growing whatever the grafted stock rose was, and others just died. I am now only buying own root roses from now on.

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summer_fashion(z5 IN)

I've ordered from Rogue Valley Roses, Vintage, Northland Rosarium, Chamblee's and Rosefire. These are top quality, reputable rose nurseries that send you very healthy own root roses.

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rosesnpots(z8 Tidewater area VA)

I recommend EuroDesert Roses (having a big sale right now), Hartwood Roses, Rogue Valley Roses, and Vintage. I have ordered from all of them.

They all sell own-root roses.

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bethr1957(z9 Huntington Beach, CA)

Ahhh, you guys are all in love with little bitty bands. I like BIG HT's.

My new best friend is Armstrong, and I have had good luck with Home Depot; you just need to be there when they unload the truck, because they do not care for them well.


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rosesnpots(z8 Tidewater area VA)

Remember the original poster asked for places to purchase roses online. Band are the way to go because you are not paying to ship dirt. You also need to remember some like Rogue Valley do offer larger plants.

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