Karcher Pressure Washer Repair Help

joedzMay 13, 2008

Hello all,

Just wondering if I can get some help on my Karcher pressure washer. It's a 1400 psi washer / model 320 M. I broke the water inlet elbow. I bought a new elbow, but was wondering how easy it is to install. The guy I bought it from was a bit vague in how to install it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Joedz, I've noticed several days have gone by without a reply to your post so I guess I'll chime in. I don't have any experience with your type of washer but I WILL say that Karcher washers are (in my experience with one, pretty crappy machines, pretty hard to get parts for and even harder to get serviced.

I will never buy another one after a pump failure left me with essentially a brand new engine atop a frame.

Editorial comments aside, I would suggest calling small engine repair shops and independent facilities. They might be able to help you. Good luck...

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Hi joedz,

I have also had a broken inlet elbow on my Karcher K360M power washer. I do not know how this relates to your 320M but I will share with you my experience.

First problem was getting the yellow shell off of the actual motor. It required a 4 inch long T15 Torx screw driver. Having only a 3 inch long one I had to go out and get a longer one. Once this was completed, I set the motor on end and discovered I had to further disassemble another assembly before I could remove the old elbow and install the new one.

This assembly consisted of an aluminum housing enclosing a black plastic unit. It was held to the motor with 4 Allen machine screws and came off quite easily. Be careful to not lose the o-ring seal or the little springs that it leaves uncovered when you remove it.

Now the fun begins. According to drawings of the product, it appears that the black plastic unit should simply slide out of the housing. Well, I pulled and tapped and pushed and cussed. I heated the aluminum housing with a hair dryer and pulled and tapped and pushed and cussed some more. Nothing moved a micron.

I had just about decided to take a sledge hammer to it when decided I would give it another chance so I put it in the freezer for the night. The next morning a slight tap on the old elbow and black assembly dropped out of the aluminum housing.

I ordered the replacement elbow this morning so I can not tell you if the total process is successful. The tolerances are apparently so close that I may have to freeze the black plastic unit before I can reassemble.

I hope this will be of some value to you.

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Hey wankel:

I am with you on this, my Karcher is sitting broken too. The pump is not working anymore even after being geased.

I am going to an authorized repair place tomorrow to see if anything can be done.

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