Kawasaki Hedge Triimer Pole 65' Articulating Clipper

johnnytuinalsMay 6, 2012

I was looking to get a Gas hedge trimmer

I started looking at the cheap stuff online and read bad reviews.Then I started looking at The elco,Tanaka,Shindaiwa and Kawasaki 20 - 30 inch gas trimmers (prices are around #270 -$375)But looking at them gets me kinda nervious and scared in useing one.(Lots of Bushs to cut down)Well then

I seen the Kawasaki Hedge Cutter Handheld 69" Fixed Clipper KCS600A for $337 with free delivery

Well I am sure that will do the Trick I thought


I then seem the Kawasaki Hedge Cutter 80" Articulating Clipper KCS525A for $389 with free delivery

My questin is how well are the Kawasaki?and is the moveable better then the Fixed trimmer heads?I also seen a longer moveable head for $40 more.

I don't want to go crazy and spend lots of money if I don't need too.I read a past post on here that some of these will only cut in one direction?maybe they were talking about another type of pole trimmers?....Jt

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I have juse checked out the

SHINDAIWA ARTICULATED COMMERCIAL 1.1 HP HEDGE TRIMMER for $459 on ebay....seems like the trimmer has double-sided cutter,I am sure from reading that the Kawasaji does not have that???

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I have seen this for $399 with free shipping....Looks like a good deal and has cutting on both sides ob blades
Shindaiwa AHS2510 Articulating Hedge Trimmer

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