2 in 1 Blower/weed trimmer good deal?

kevingalaxyMay 20, 2010

Hi all, is this a good deal? It looks like i can trim my yard and lawn then blow it all with one tool! I saw one in sears the other day for $129.99 so im thinking this might be just teh ticket, especially as i don't have to worry about gas/oil etc etc


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First, the final bid is going to be a lot higher.
Second, Craftsman is usually more expensive than it's worth.
Third, you never get good quality in those 2 in 1 stuff.

Hack, even the real gas unit, the Crapsman blower is pretty crappy.

It is a waste of money to buy really crappy stuff just to save a few dollars. Name your price and we can talk more.

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I used to have a Green Machine that had attachments available for it. It had a cultivater, and edger, blower, and maybe a dethatcher. All I had was the string trimmer and blower. I liked that machine a lot and gave it to my dad at some point. The blower was strong and the trimmer head worked great. I would think that it was a much better tool then anything that you would find from Sears though.

My trimmer these days is the Echo 2601 and I don't bother with a blower.

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