Question about Toro Ultra blower internal switch

anthonyg_ma(z5 MA)May 2, 2010

My Toro Ultra leaf blower suddenly stopped working, so I decided to pull it apart to see what was wrong. I figured ... it's already broken .. I can't make it any worse :-)

There's an internal switch near the base of the unit that (in my novice opinion) appears to be a cutoff switch, possibly to prevent the unit from operating once opened-up. If I manually depress the switch, the blower runs like a champ. I don't see anything that would depress the switch to keep the unit operational once fully assembled however. It's possible something inside broke-off, but nothing was 'floating around' when I opened it up. If this is simply a cutoff switch, and I force it to remain in the 'on' position, it should work. I wanted to see if anyone knew exactly what this switch was for however, before I tried this and set myself up for a shock (or worse :) later on.

Thank you in advance!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I think you got it right. It appears to me that this is a cut-off switch that prevents the blower from operating when the blower cover is opened. A platic piece which closes the switch probably broke off. If it were mine I'd probably just disconnect the two wires at the switch, strip
them, connect them together and tape them. No shock hazard that I can see.

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