Long Term GenSet storage

exmarMay 11, 2013

Hi Folks,

Looks like I'm getting a Generac 7KW, propane unit with transfer switch, etc. etc. Actually, the county Fire Dept. is providing it to power a radio repeater I let them install on a tower behind my barn. Evidently, the smallest they can get that is propane, auto start, etc. etc. is 7KW and their repeater is around 200W. I can use the excess capacity as I "donate" the electricity and now will "donate" the propane from my big tank.

My question is long term lay up or storage of a Generac 3750Watt unit. I won't be using it, but will keep it around.

Plan on siphoning most of the gas out of the tank then running it dry, change oil, probably take off the carb and give it a very thorough soak with carb cleaner. This genset has only had gas with stabil and seafoam in it. Pull the plug and squirt some oil in, turn it over for lubrication.

My question is should I do anything to the generator? I've heard that long term storage can affect a generator, but other than keeping it viable and running it every month or so don't know what else to do?



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Don't know about your's but some gennies will lose their field magnetism if they sit for long periods. If this happens just plug a reversible drill into it while the gen is running and turn the drill backward by hand.

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Thanks mla, would that be with the drill in "F" and turning backwards?

Thanks again,


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I have heard of the losing field . My base model Coleman has sat for 5 yrs at a time. It generates fine. Is it a some do , some don't? Depending on a feature or design?

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I believe that's correct. Google search to be sure. I've only flashed one gen by applying 12v to the fields. I didn't know about this at the time.

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Mike, Googled as you suggested and here's the result. Very interesting info.

Thanks for the idea.


Here is a link that might be useful: Flashing Generator

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