Poulan WoodShark 1950

jplawnboyoMay 12, 2011

Hello all, I have a question that I have been searching for, for awhile and have come up empty. I rebuilt the carb on this poulan 1950, she fired right up and I starting tuning her in. To me it just doesn't seem like it's revving up as high as it should. Usually when tuning I can get'em to scream and then richen it up a little to bring it down a hair. So my question is in the carb kit I got, it had an extra plastic film like gasket with the little reed valves. The only difference was one is smooth like the original and the other is rough textured and clear. I've seen these in a couple of other kits as well, and I have no idea what exactly they were meant for. I installed it in the saw on top of the smooth one and did the same for a couple of other items. The other two items (echo weed-eater and saw) seem to run just fine, but the Poulan saw begs to differ. Could that be the problem, that extra gasket is just making the reed valves to stiff or something? The saw runs fine and seems pretty torquey, but just doesn't seem like it is revving as high up as it should. The other two items I did were mine and are still running perfect, the saw belongs to a friend. Any help or comments appreciated.

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Never mind answered my own question. Just use only the one gasket your carb original came with. If you don't know, then use the smooth one as that's the updated version.

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