Tiller won't start

due_east(z6 Nashville)May 2, 2009


on my tiller I have replaced the electronic coil, changed the oil & spark plug. It seemed to be running fine until it cut out the other day and now no matter what I try

it won't turn over. Even with starter fluid, it doesn't even try to crank. Any suggestions?

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Not knowing what year, model, engine, or starting system you have it;s hard to figure out what you mean by won't turn over or try to crank?

I guess the first question would be make, model, and engine?
second question would be does it have elect starter or do you pull the rope?
third question maybe to explain turn over or even try to crank? Meaning if it's elect start the engine won't turn over? or crank start you can't pull the rope out?
and fourth if it does turn are you getting spark?
5th does it turn over with the spark plug removed?

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due_east(z6 Nashville)

actualy, I figured it out and have it running for the time being.
I had just replaced the spark plug so I didn't
think to check it but that's what it was.
It wasn't burt , it was cover with oil sludge type stuff.
any idea of what would cause that? I had just changed the
plug and ran it for about 2 hours before the build up.

It's a old Murray 5 hp front tine tiller.
I bought it second hand so I don't know the year but
it has to be at least 8-9 years old. rope pull

thanks for your help

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gummed up, change the oil, remove the head (if flat head) and clean the combustion chamber out, note the torque on the head bolts they probably relaxed alittle adding to the carboned up problem. If the oil was never changed regularly you may have piston to bore wear, if so you will have to do the spark plug more often when if fouls.

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I have a Huskee tiller with a Briggs & Stratton motor. The rope won't pull. Motor seems to have just locked down. Any suggestions?

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What engine? has it sat for a long time? How old is it? will it turn over with the plug out? have you placed a wrench on one end of the crank and gently pushed in each direction? if it has a belt is anything hung in it? I think more info would be helpful.

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I have a B&S engine on a Yardman 5hp OHV engine front end tiller. Removed the spark plug and the starter rope comes out without any problems.Replaced the plug, same problem. rotated crankshaft by hand and no noise and turns easy without the plug installed. Removed the starter top and the rope action is smooth. Is there some type of different clutch's used on different models? Any help is welcomed and hightly appreciated. Thanks.

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I have learned that you have to show some specific (brands/models #) pictures or list specific text of problems related to your investigating (and torn down parts that you feel are possible faults). Otherwise, itâÂÂs hard to get a feel if you have given the problem your best effort. Listing or showing your efforts IMO will get you more and better info.

Specifically, search for a parts diagram and share it also as some of us would have to do also to troubleshoot the problem. When a problem is not in front of you, there is too much guessing and time wasted.

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