Orange Roses

sandandsun(9a FL)April 1, 2012

Does anyone like and grow orange roses? If so, would you share your experience with them?

For example Hot Cocoa is basically orange, isn't it? I know it's an award winner. Anyone grow it and have any comments?

Other oranges you recommend and why?


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seil zone 6b MI

There are lots of orange and orange blends. Hot Cocoa is considered a "russet" not an orange even though it has a very deep orange color sometimes. The blooms are pretty but it's not my favorite plant. It does black spot and it has an awkward, angular growth habit that I don't care for. Other oranges I have are:

Tuscan Sun is classed as an apricot but it's more orange to my eye and is a very good repeat bloomer for me.

Fragrant Cloud, not a favorite. Hot bright orange but it isn't very vigorous growing and the blooms blow really quickly.

Hot Romance is a pretty one with very star shaped blooms. The plant grows low and wide.

A couple of others that are classed as yellow blends but really look more orange are Granada and Hondo. They're both very bright and attractive.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Orange is a favorite color of mine because it looks great with my house and our light here which is harsh. Orange stands out in harsh light. I'm very pleased with 'Wildfire', but it is a J&P rose so good luck finding it.

'Brass Band', orange with a yellow reverse, is a good performer.

Lady Emma Hamilton is quite orange, and quite fragrant.

Louise Clements is another favorite:

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Hot Cocoa, a tall grower that produced its best flowers in cool conditions. I always had a gorgeous spring flush, with flowers of a rich velvety brown-red-orange, and the rest of the year got a few sad flowers with hardly any petals at the top of a very tall plant.

That spring flush was breathtaking, but not enough to save it in this garden.

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Sun Struck is a great orange blend HT. Veldfire is another that will grow and bloom like crazy in your area. Fragrant Cloud does great in FL. Tropicana also loves FL. Colorific is new but seems to be a good orange. Hot Cocoa on fortuniana rootstock grows nicely and puts out a ton of beautiful blooms. When the weather warms up it turns a burnt orange. I've got one on Dr. Huey up here and it doesn't even look like the same rose I grew in FL. I'll be getting 2 on fortuniana this summer.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

I grow Hot Cocoa and I do like it, but I wouldn't consider it an orange...its russet, so its more of a deep brick color to me. Not really too many complaints from me about it.

My favorite orange that I grow is Easy Does It. It doesn't have the most organized blooms, but its healthy, vigorous ownroot, repeats well, and requires very little care from me (always a plus!)

I also really like my Pat Austin, although I've heard quite a few people aren't crazy about her. For me, her blooms are very full, and her foliage healthy.

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karl_bapst_rosenut(5a, NW Indiana)

How about the miniflora, Kanegem

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I have Vavoom, Cary Grant, Tropicana, Sundowner. Then I have blends Touch of Class, Ambassador,Granada, Montezuma, Frangrant Cloud and Impatient.

I love the orange , orange blends roses. They seem to go w/ so many colors--Blues, purples, yellows, greens and whites. They really 'pop' in a vase or in the garden...

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I love orange roses! Some of my favorites and best bloomers are: Pure Poetry, Tuscan Sun, Chihuly, Jean Giono (yellow, orange blend), and Coral Sea. I don't think of Hot Cocoa as orange but brick red with purple tinges. It is really lovely.

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rosetom(7 Atl)

Hmm ... I have a couple of Hot Cocoa's and a Fragrant Cloud. I'm not sure I would consider either orange, but colors are often personal. ;-) Some orange roses I have that - IMHO - leave no doubt as to being orange:

Livin' Easy
Brandy (many call it apricot, but it sure looks orange to me)
Tropical Sunset

Granada has orange highlights, but to me it tends more to the dark pink-light pink-yellow.

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I have heard a lot of good things about Folklore so have ordered one this year. It is disease resistant some places, fragrant, very vigorous, long lasting, has beautiful form, and is floriferous. I love Fragrant Cloud including the color. Octoberfest is pretty. I also like:
Zach a miniflora by Vernon Rickard..very brilliant
Pat Austin
Carnival Glass, great mini for vigor, rebloom and beauty

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Orange roses are awesome. My absolute hands down favorite is a lighter, more apricot orange, which is Just Joey. Next is Fragrant Cloud - a very dark deep orange, one of the strongest fragrances you'll find in a rose. Color Magic is next, although magically I think in some climates she is on the pink side. For me she is absolutely orange. Voodoo is a little weak in my opinion, Marti Gras a very nice orange blend - but with lots of blend (pinkish). Always been interested to see a Vavoom - supposed to be very bright "orange juice" orange.

Just Joey

Color Magic

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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

"Orange" can mean so many different things....I'm a complete orange-nut, so I have lots of orange roses, and I don't think any two of the ones I have look alike.

Kanegem is to me the definition of Eye-searing orange, and I love it. I thought it was a shrub/flori, but can totally see it being classified as a mini. Big blooms for a mini, a real workhorse. Unfortunately, no scent whatsoever.

Hot Cocoa? Not orange.....but I love it. It's the weirdest brick red/brown shade in cool weather, and a deep, reddish-orange when it's hot. Yes, weird growth habits. Likes to splash about 500 blooms lankily on very short, weak stems. Lost 2 large canes in high winds last year and that didn't phase it a bit.

Tropicana and Folklore are coral-toned oranges. Tropicana is solid, and Folklore has lighter reverses. My Folklore seems to have better form and health than Tropicana. Both smell lovely, but not overpowering.

About Face looks golden-orange from a distance and is hauntingly beautiful, with the reverses being darker than the tops of her petals. A very striking effect.

Voodoo is probably the closest to "Crayola Orange" that I have. It's vigorous, grows upright, and is gorgeous, but it seems to me to have fewer petals and a weird form. The blooms change color from true orange to SCREAMING RED ORANGE over their 3 day life span.

The most beautiful orange in our garden is the mini Denver's Dream. Again, no or little scent, but great form, the flowers last & last, and it doesn't lose its color quickly. Some of the oranges fade to yucky-ucky brown or beige too quickly for me, but this one stays beautiful on the shrub for well over a week, even when it's 90 outside.

Probably the most vigorous mini I have is Tabasco Cat, and it blooms to high heaven with spectacular form, but it's scentless and the color is a dead match to Hot Cocoa.

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peachymomo(Ca 8)

Orange is one of my favorite rose colors, but all of my oranges are still young so I don't have very detailed growing notes.

My two 'orangest' roses are Vavoom and Kordes' Brilliant, Vavoom is more of a yellow 'orange juice' type of orange, while Kordes' Brilliant is on the redder side and so intensely colored I couldn't get a good picture of it. Just Joey is absolutely beautiful and fragrant, the flowers are very 'melony' to me, like cantaloupe colored. Autumn Sunset (a relative of Westerland) is a pretty yellow-apricot, very much like an actual apricot in my opinion. I've always thought of my Fragrant Cloud as pink with a tinge of orange, like coral. Honeysweet is a pretty salmon color, on the pinker side but definitely with some orange to it. And lastly Chris Evert, a yellow blend, is quite orange at times during it's bloom and an absolutely gorgeous rose, unfortunately I had to SP it because of health issues.

My next venture will be into the world of orange Austins, I don't have any yet but I plan on remedying that soon ;o)

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I grow several "orange" roses. I guess it depends on your definition of orange. I have Hot Cocoa which is a deep russet here. I also have Tropicana, Brass Band, Brandy, Fragrant Cloud, Sundowner, Joseph's Coat and Oranges 'N Lemons stripe. I do love orange roses especially mixed with all my lavender and purple roses in a vase. They really set each other off.

Oranges 'N Lemons

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I have tried many of the roses mentioned, but none of them did well in my humid-hot no-spray Fla. sand-pit (amended w/lots of compost, etc).... they just did not make it thru' the first summer here... a few were struggling even during the cooler months and when June hit they gave up completely... I've concluded that OGRs are my best bet, and now have very few Moderns....sally

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aimeekitty(9-10, SW 18)

This is Janet Inada's first year, but here you go, her first bloom:

and a pale orange, Valencia

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Thought I'd add my newest orange, Vavoom. Here it was last August.

I am not sure I love it yet. It is really bold and brassy.

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I grow many of the roses mentioned here. But my top three will have to be Today, Joshua Bradley and Pumpkin Patch.

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Aptosca - does your Oranges and Lemons retain that beautiful color contrast, or fade quickly? I'm also in zone 9(b). Your photo is stunning.

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harmonyp - If I leave them on the bush, they do fade eventually in the sun. If I cut them and bring them inside they stay that color. And they range in all shades from bright orange and yellow to pink/orange and yellow.

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Another one I really like is Remember Me.

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I keep hoping to read a post from a fla. gardener who has found a orange rose that grew successfully, here in humid B/S heaven-hell.... I keep hoping hoping hoping and have not seen one yet.... this is a shout-out to all you folks here in Fla. if you have a orange rose that survived in good health please let me know !! thanks, sally

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sandandsun(9a FL)

Sally (saldut),

I've said these things to you before I think but sometimes things have to be repeated I guess - but it should sink in this time.
First, the Tampa area is not Central Florida. Because of the gulf that area is more zone 10 than zone 9.
Most roses are not rated to survive zone 10. They are mostly zone 9 limited.
Geographically speaking zones 10 & 11 are not the majority of Florida - quite the opposite. So it is misleading and honestly just plain wrong for you to imply that Floridians can't have the success you lack. EVERY rose I've planted has done well and is doing well. And as I've also told you with the exception of two, they're all on their own roots. And they are not all OGRs. I have David Austins and moderns and minis too.
Further, besides this post as documented Floridian success ken in ga mtns was ken in fl (sp?) until as he posted recently he retired and moved to Georgia. Ken grew roses in Florida successfully and his experience influenced a lot of my choices. If Ken says it will do well in Florida, then it can do well in Florida zone 9 or lower at least. So Ken's posts above are documented Floridian successes.
I've read the thread linked below where others politely tried to tell someone in a similar area that you can't change your climate unless you move. And in that thread sherry in ocala documents her success and she continues to do so here and on her blog.
YOUR experience is NOT a defining Florida experience as I believe I have now completely explained.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ready to hang it up

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Hi Chris-- WOW ! I guess you sure told me off!! I do admit to being dense, and stupid, as you point out, but all I wanted was a suggestion for a orange rose !! I didn't know my rose garden was such a failure, but acc. to you it is... other folks seem to think it is gorgeous, they bring busses w/Church groups to tour it... most of my 150 roses are on Fort. but I do have some own-root as you advise, mostly Chinas.. so I don't know why you got your knickers in a knot over my simple query for a orange rose....also I don't argue abt. the zone where I live, I really don't care, just as long as my roses grow well, as they do... and I wasn't asking abt. my 'zone' anyway... all I asked for was a recommendation for a orange rose!! thanks for your kind words, sally

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sandandsun(9a FL)

I certainly didn't want to "get into it" with you, Sally. I see that you mistook my polite constructive criticism.
You posted above and I quote: "I have tried many of the roses mentioned, but none of them did well in my humid-hot no-spray Fla. sand-pit (amended w/lots of compost, etc).... they just did not make it thru' the first summer here... a few were struggling even during the cooler months and when June hit they gave up completely..."
If I were an aspiring Florida gardener reading that, I know what I would have concluded.
I, as usual, was trying to be helpful to not only you but others.
You also wrote and I quote: "I keep hoping to read a post from a fla. gardener who has found a orange rose that grew successfully, here in humid B/S heaven-hell.... I keep hoping hoping hoping and have not seen one yet..."
You have not acknowledged Ken's valueable experience as a Florida gardener even when I pointed it out.
In future if you continue this behavior I will need only to link to this thread so that innocent readers can understand that someone who "tried many of the roses mentioned, but none of them did well in my humid-hot no-spray Fla. sand-pit (amended w/lots of compost, etc).... they just did not make it thru' the first summer here... a few were struggling even during the cooler months and when June hit they gave up completely..." ACTUALLY HAS 150 roses on a garden tour.
Clearly, you are the one not only with negative comments but also very confusingly contradictory ones.
I was attempting to diffuse them since they were/are misleading.
I believe that has been accomplished.
Finally, in accordance with my life lessons learned in such matters I will never have any further remarks for you or responses to you.
Best of luck to you always,

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Chris, actually I thought your post sounded unnecessarily hostile toward Sally. I don't think she was implying any of the things that seemed to upset you. To answer your original question, I do grow Hot Cocoa here in central Pinellas county, State of Florida. It is more of a rusty red color for me. It gets some blackspot, but does fairly well here. I can't detect a scent. It's a big plant for a floribunda.

Sally, I have two oranges. Last spring I bought Easy Does It. It's on Dr. Huey because that's all they had. It's a really pretty pinkish orange that sometimes has a bit of a ruffle on the petals. Last summer it showed some good blackspot tolerance. It also has a nice light scent. I planted it in a bad full sun western exposure location so I'm currently doing my best to keep it going in all this heat and drought. I've also grown Chihuly for about 5 years. It's on fortunina. It gets blackspot but is pretty good at recovering from it. It is color changing, turning from yellow to orange to pink. The biggest drawback is its lack of scent. As a side note, I want to come over and take the garden tour next time you have one :)

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Wow, Chris, what side of the bed did you get up on? One can have a different experience in a matter of a few miles with a certain rose, according to strain of blackspot in your area, soil, etc. We try to be nice to each other on here.

Sally, I loved Pat Austin but lost her to a fungal cane dieback disease that I've mentioned before. However, I lost many roses to it, both moderns, Austins and OGRs, not just Pat. While Pat did blackspot some, she bloomed so heavily I didn't mind. Her blooms didn't fade either. Tuscan Sun, for instance, had a horrible fade and got shovel pruned--also blackspotted for me.

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Chris - just a reality check from a third party watcher. Your response to Sally was neither polite nor constructive. I love orange roses and was joyfully following this thread until reading your post to Sally, which was completely inappropriate and made me personally uncomfortable. Hoping we can get back to reading about orange roses.

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Thanks rosies--- you guys always cheer one up, and I appreciate all the feed-back....I did have Easy Does It, Amber.. it was here for one winter period... sometimes I wonder if the rose is just a weak-one to start with, I also had Tropicana and it gradually went bye-bye..I now have Cl. Joseph's Coat which has hardly grown at all in the 2 years, but it hasn't died either, so I keep nursing it along and keep a jug of MG nearby to encourage it which does seem to help...Brandy was gorgeous but didn't last....Just Joey the same....I lost so many last Fall due to canker and that may have contributed, I lost 5 Don Juans, now Dr. Manners is working to replace them but they only have 1 'mother' plant at the College so it takes time..... my closest orange is Crepuscule, one is own-root and the other is on Fort., both are like gangbusters... also Julia Child does fantastic, but not really orange but close enough... maybe I'll try Pat Austin, I do have several of the Austins both grafted and own-root, they seem to be doing well....Amber it would be great to meet you, and all the other 'rosies' out there, I'd love to show you-all my attempt at rose-gardening, my E-mail addy is in the my-page, I think, and then I can give you my phone-#... do any of you go to the Central Fla. Heritage Rose Society meetings in Lakeland, at Fla. Southern College ?? they are having one more meeting before the summer break, on May 5 Sunday at. 2:30 in the Citrus Bldg. I know some from GW go... usually they meet the second Sunday of the month but May has Mother's Day so we set it up one week earlier... then we are off until the Fall.... a bonus is walking thru' all the rose-gardens there, hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous mostly OGRs, and talking with some very knowledgeable growers, and maybe getting to tour the greenhouses.. well worth the time... thanks again, sally

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I was a friend of Cary Grant's - it makes me so happy to see his rose. I can't think of another person I liked more. He was the most special person I have ever met.

Thanks for the smile today!

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seil zone 6b MI

Ooo, I just found out I have a new one coming! It's called Sedona. Anyone know anything about it?

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I love orange roses, but i like a high petal count with a sturdy cane to hold up the rose. I have 120 roses in my gardens(front,back and side), I have searched the web for the perfect orange roses for my gardens:

Wildfire Hybrid Tea Rose( very aggresive grower,likes full sun)pumpkin colored blooms with yellow in the center,no scent,continual bloomer

Shreveport Grandiflora Rose (orange blend) 45-50 petals, aggresive grower, continual bloomer

Lady Bird Johnson(reddish orange)Hardy, beautiful blooms,continual bloomer

Tropicana:huge blooms,strong scent, continual bloomer.

All these are wonderful roses and excellent if you like cutting them like i do.

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ginni77(z 5)

Two of my faves...

Tamora (Austin)...great fragrance if you like black licorice/myrrh


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Seil: 'Sedona' produces spectular blooms. I added this rose the year it became available and have replaced it once. My first plant was one of the very smallest bareroots I ever received from J&P, and did not survive its first winter in my zone 8 garden. My second plant was larger than the first and had a very satisfactory first season in my garden. At pruning time this year, I was disappointed to find quite a bit of cane damage after what was a VERY mild winter. The plant has slowly rebounded & I've just noticed a couple of new basals, so I'm hoping that it will prove to be a winner for reasons other than those breath-taking blooms.

Having so little experience with this rose, I hesitate to state an opinion. In your Michigan garden, though, I encourage you to give it a lot of winter protection until it's well-established and you can make your own assessment.

With its lovely blended color and classic form, 'Sedona' is reminiscent of 'Color Magic' (only more vibrant of color). I'm hoping that a lack of hardiness won't be another reason to compare the two.

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seil zone 6b MI

Thank you so much, windeaux! It came potted and leafed out but I've up-potted it to a decent size pot. It has a bud on it! Thanks for the winterizing warning!

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lovemysheltie(5/6 Chicago)

Bookmarking this thread! I am on the lookout for a nice orange rose and all these suggestions are great. The only orange rose I grow is Fragrant Cloud and that's really more coral red while I want an orange juice colored orange. That Louise Clements looks superb!

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Seriously Chris? I was really enjoying this thread until you piped in with your rude post. Your post was completely inappropriate.

Sally, I don't have any recommendations for you since I don't have any orange roses yet and I don't live in FL, but good luck! Please post back with whatever rose you decide on!

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