dandelion digger

flora2b(z6a bc)May 17, 2011

Looking to buy a dandelion digger, was wondering about the stand up kind like the '3 garden claw'.

Does anyone have any experience to share? I don't want a piece of junk.

Here's a link to a pic.


What do you use?



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I have spent dozens of hours in the Spring digging dandelions. I know it sounds crazy, but it is like meditation for me...the feel of the cool Spring earth, the Spring breezes. It's a great way to spend a bright afternoon.

I have tried so many dandelion diggers and spent plenty for them. None were perfect till I found a sturdy, well made vintage dandelion digger at a thrift shop for pennies. The one with the small 2-prong fork at the end of a very sturdy tang. My tang is square; I think that adds to the sturdiness, so it won't bend when using plenty of leverage.

I have used the Daisy Grubber.
I really like it, but you have to be careful not to use too much torque, or you will bend it.

As for the Fiskars tool. I personally never found any of there tools to be well made. All of mine seemed to quickly go into disrepair and made their way to the garbage.

This year I had very few dandelions. The most effective therapy for weed ridden lawns is to mow high. I know it looks unkempt. But trust me, it gets better. I started mowing at the highest setting three years ago. I really saw the difference this year. BEAUTIFUL carpet of green grass and weed free!

Good luck!

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