Why you should buy an Electric Power Washer

exmarMay 1, 2012

Hi Folks,

Finally got around to power washing my deck using a 1600 PSI electric. Deck hadn't been touched since I built it about 9 years ago, so it was definitely "due." The electric did a reasonable job, slower than the big gas driven ones I'm used to, but it does work.

I was out there "doing my thing" and "the boss" wandered out and said "that looks like fun, can I try it?" Long story short, she decided that she did a better job than I did and she took over. Guess it's classified as "cleaning" and "men can't clean." :-)

So, true story, see if it sounds interesting to you.

Critically speaking, the electric would only clean a path about an inch and a half wide which is why I said it's slower, but for the price....


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Yah, Marina bought a Karcher with about the same pressure. I dont think it weighs 20 lbs. I thought it was a cheap POS, but It is quite effective. It also doesnt beat up the wood as much as the gas unit I rented.

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Again, don't run it without water pressure on the unit. The diaphram will quickly heat up without water supply. Same goes for gas model pumps. ALso the gas model pumps have oil cavity. This oil should be checked and changed anually or sooner depending on how many hours you use the pressure washer. Expense or cheap users attention to details and pre-ventive maintenance it the key for longivity

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