Husqvarna won't run

trevor1944May 24, 2011

My Husqvarna rancher 55 just started to choke down and suddenly just quit running. Saw is only a few years old and not used that often. It had been running just fine till this time.

After checking out saw I found that the piston and ring were damaged. I replaced the piston and ring but then all I could get the saw to do was idle. When you accerlated it would die. I couldn't find anything else wrong so I took it to a lawnmower repair center and they said the carberator needed to be replaced. I installed a new carberator and still won't start and now won't even idle. I thought that I didn't have a spark and took it again to the lawnmower shop and they put a light between plug and coil and about every 3 or 4 pulls it would spark. They said they couldn't explain why it wasn't sparking on every pull.

What I've already done:

Replaced head and ring

New tank gas filter

New spark plug

New carberator

Any suggestions as to cause,,,,,,,,,could it be a partially defective coil ( not sparking on each pull )

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,,,,,,

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well, I would think it should be sparking on every pull if the switch is on, the switch is good, wires to and from the switch are good, good ground, and of course the coil. Probably need to try to do compression check also see if it's got enough compression to run with load on it.

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