Roto-Hoe shredder model 800

fespoMay 19, 2008

Hello all, I just picked -up an old roto Hoe chipper shredder. the engine had been replaced with 8hp briggs that Im working on now. This machine has 2 belt drives, it looks like one to drive the hammers and MAYBE one for reverse? I dont know. Also the bottom a has a screen area and then some flat straight bars of steel? I dont know how this all works and Im looking for any help, or where i can find help on it. THANKS Fespo

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I also have the model 800CP with a 8 hp B&G.
I believe one belt operates the shredder and the other the chipper. My drive pullies just broke while I was shredding.
Could'nt find a replacement as they are welded together with a spacer as one unit. Replaced with two seperate pullies of about the same diameter. Found belts that fit and am back in opoeration.My unit also is tough on belts. Need to improve the belt take up mechanism .Any idea where an operating manual can be found. Good luck with your unit.

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Just got a model 800. I read it has 2 belts but mine only has 1 belt,2 pullies and 1 tensioner pully. Am i missin something? Maybe post a picture of the pully arraignment? or send one to me? Also does anyone have a manual ?

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I am need of design of a Model 800 Roto-Hoe Shredder chipper evon though it isn't a manual. Recieved a Model 800 with the shredder section dismanteled and need to put it back together. Of course, a manual would be great on a download, borrow, whatever way to get one. Many thanks to the interested people. Enjoy your day.

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I wrote note few minutes ago but would like to add an item. The desmanteled Roto Hoe Shred Shredded Model 800 was given to me but I don't have any idea how each of the pieces go back together, the two belts, etc. I am missing some bearings plus a couple of parts to be able to asamblea it. Thus the manual is needed, or a diagram on where things go where. If you want to help with photo copies of the manual you can also call me @ 479-531-2139 (cell) Greatly appreciated.

Gordon Barker

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I know this is an old thread, but I am reviving an old Roto-Hoe 800cp and when I search for details on it, this thread pops up. So I figured I would share any information I have here for future reference.

I replaced the belts on my 800cp (one was missing). I went with a 54" and a 59" Kevlar belt from Tractor Supply. So far they are working great.

It took me a while to figure out but there are some posts sticking straight out near the rear pulley and near the "clutch". Initially I thought those were just to keep the belt in alignment, but they are more important than that. When the clutch is disengaged you want those posts to slightly squeeze the belt. They are what prevent the motor from turning the belts when the belt clutches are disengaged.

The Roto-Hoe has a bunch of slots at the bottom. At first I couldn't figure out what those were for, but the shredding mechanism wasn't working worth a darn (limbs would shoot straight through the hammers and fall a little torn up but nearly complete). After searching, I came to realize there should be metal slats in those slots. I will be measuring the slot sizes and working on cutting down some steel stock to replace the missing slats over the next week or so.

There is an inspection box on one side of the chipper. That gives you access to the chipping blade, which is mounted to a fly wheel. I think you could sharpen it with a file without removing it, but I am going to remove it and try to do a better job of sharpening it, as I have read elsewhere that that makes a huge impact on performance.

I'll update this thread in the future if there are any new learnings.

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Ok, the slots are 3/16" wide and 1 1/2" high. The outer edge of the slat holder appears to be about 13 1/8" to 13 3/16" (mine is slightly bent so I am not sure what they should be). I went to a steel surplus yard and found some 1 1/2" x 3/16" stock and had them cut 7 pieces at 14 1/2" each. Total cost of steel plus them cutting the steel plus tax came to about $12.50.

I was leery of using 3/16" stock material because I thought they might be too tight in the 3/16" slots. Well after test fitting, they are definitely tight but can be worked in by hand with a little effort, so I know they can easily be tapped in with a hammer. I'm glad I went with 3/16" because the 1/8" would have been much weaker and too loose (I think).

Now I need to file them down to make the ends less sharp and will probably file the full length of the top to be _more_ sharp (as that's the edge the material will be slammed against). Not sure if that's important or not.

I will drill holes in the ends of the slats to where the edge of the holes are about 13 3/16", maybe 13 1/4". The idea being that I will run a clothes hanger wire down through the holes to hold the slats in place while the machine is running. Otherwise the vibration would just cause the slats to fall out.

So that's where I am at on this project.

I will check my spark plug and air filter brands and models and post those so that those will be available for future reference. (The engine is a Briggs and Stratton 8.5HP).

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I just bought a roto hoe 800. I could swear I saw a post from someone that included a pdf link for a manual and can't find it. Ajnyway.. it is in good condition, I bought it for the mulching and I think I'm missing something that goes over or in place of the bars on the bottom that would direct the chips through the screen instead of through the bars. Anyone familiar with this?

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Do a google search for Roto-Hoe Chipper Shredder manual. The link will be just below a Roto-Hoe Chipper 2-minute Video. Click on that link, then Click on the blue link and the Manual will appear. Do a right click with your mouse on the Manual and look for the print mode on your computer and click print. It's (13) pages long and has a lot of information and a picture break down of the Chipper Shredder and different models and part numbers. If you have any trouble getting this to work send me an email and I can scan it for you and email it to you. Hope this helps. GregTx

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