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fly2highMay 3, 2010

Had a pair of extendable lopper with a large bypass blade and the point where the blade inserts into the handle stetched out wider and the plastic insert holding them came out. Also the aluminum oval tubular handles bent and the bumper preventing them from busting your knuckles worn and now can hit.

Am looking for a landscaper quality pair.

Any suggestions???

Not sure on fiskkars ratchet b/c it requires the handles to be very far apart to get a large branch in there.

Looking for about a 30 inch, give or take bypass lopper.



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dmullen(Southern CA)

If price is no object, Felco is hard to beat. Otherwise, Fiskars is good too and has good customer service.

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I am looking for dealer of Bahco and Felco and so far only found one company with the Felco. I heard the BAhco are really good too.

Not sure on how the handles are attached to the 'working end' on the Bahco. Also, I would like to hold each and see how they feel and operate.

Most companies carry Stihl and their version of a lopper.

When I look at it online, it looks very similar to the Toro but the toro are like 1/3 the price. Who make what for whom?


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Check out Garrett Wade.

Here is a link that might be useful: High Quality Loppers

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anyone else have any suggestions or recommendations on ones to avoid?

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masiman(z7 VA)

I'd avoid ones like you had :). Since you bent the pair you had, it sounds like you need heavier duty loppers and looking at the commercial ones is the smart thing to do.

Corona usually makes decent stuff. Felco, Bahco and Fiskars as mentioned are typically high quality. Fiskars often goes for the the lightweight high tech solution (composites, lightened parts, etc.). If you don't need telescoping then don't buy that feature. It is just something else to fail.

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Check out Lee Valley Tools. They carry the same Canadian-made loppers as Garrett-Wade for a few bucks less. They also have a 24" Felco bypass lopper(which they advertise as 2" capacity)made of aluminum if you're looking for extreme light weight. The Felco's are pricey.

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