Huge bushes

pelicanheadApril 6, 2013

This year I have the biggest, bushiest, buddiest (is that a word?) roses I've ever had. I thought it might be because I put epsom salts on them, but they are the same size in the front yard and they didn't get epsom salts, I ran out by the time I finished the backyard. The only other thing different was we had a colder winter than normal. Could that possibly be the reason?

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Could be they are really established now. When did you plant them?

We know it wasn't due to generous winter rains. :(

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I've had most of them 5 years or longer. Lots of minis in pots and regulars in the ground and pots. They are all doing better.

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Colder could easily be the reason. If everything else remained constant, what else could it be? Kim

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seil zone 6b MI

If you haven't done anything different I'd say it has to be weather conditions. What ever the weather has been they liked it!

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In the Antelope Valley, I noticed the same thing. In particular the foliage was very red for the first two months and then was a beautiful, lush green on all. Also, my bud count seemed much higher. Not complaining, though!

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Not complaining, definitely. I'm just hoping it will keep it up all spring.

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