Husqavarna 322L adventures

andyma_gwMay 12, 2012

The Husqavarna weed whacker failed to start a few weeks ago. I use it to knock down the wild raspberry canes invading a patch of myrtle that I'm encouraging. It seems to be working, every year, there are fewer raspberry canes.

The 322L is a straight shaft , that Marina bought about 10 yrs ago from a dealer. Other than a 2$ gas line, it has been trouble free. .

It was flooding . I figured a stuck open needle valve. The carb has a vacuum pump. A Zama, made in China. OOOh Boy. But the project went well. The carb has 2 diaphragms. I'm guessing the one with 2 flappers is the fuel pump. Dis-assembly tools were a 4 mm hex key( 5/32) and a screw driver. I like simple. Despite China stamped on the top of the carb. and nestled in pieces of plastic was the cutest little carb. Aluminum with brass details. Idiot -proofed. Pieces fit only one way . I went on line and found a pdf file for the parts list and operator's manual. I tore the carb down in an old baking pan. I blew out the passages. Yada, yada, yada Turned in the jets , whilst counting. Cleaned , marvelled at and re-assembled. NTF. I had trouble with the 2$ gasline. So I quit. This morning, I called the last surviving OPE dealer in town. I brought in the gas line and NGK plug. For 8$ I walked out with exactly what I wanted. George is a son of the man who started the business 50 yrs ago. He is my new first stop, because he is so easy to deal with. I had a bit of trouble getting it to fire and stay running. Once it warmed up, . Some how, the tamper proof cap on the main jet was lost. Other than that,everything was back like it never was apart. I've got it running quite nicely after turning the jets to 1 1/2 turns and then tweaking until the sweet spot was found. It was a very positive affair. The main drag down town has just been re-paved , so even the ride was smooth..

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I love a happy ending!!!!


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