Sharpening low end chipper shredder blades

bryansongMay 2, 2010

I am going to purchase a low end chipper shredder (new) but before I do so I want to know how to sharpen the knives or blades. I see there are several brands to choose from but I don't have much room to store a new unit plus I really don't want to spend $1,200 and up. Tractor Supply has an Earthquake model for $600 which is more in my price rage but I do not want to buy it if it can't be maintained in the long term.

To the point, when the blades/knives get dull, who will sharpen them?

Any comments welcome.


Independence, Mo.

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I have an old MTD, I've sharpened the blades a couple of times w/ my 4" disc grinder, taking care not to get them too hot so they won't lose their temper. They've held up quite well.

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On the more expensive models the blades are sharpened on a water wheel, to keep them cool.

There is a post on here about a similar purchase for a gardening co-op. It might be a good read.

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Why not get more bang for your buck by purchasing a used Troy Bilt Super Tomahawk? They can be bought for well under your budget, are very well made and long lasting. Parts are available on ebay and the flails are reversable for up to four uses.

I own two of them and I use them often ... as in several times each week. They are ten times the machine you are considering paying more for. just my .02

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