loblolly 2nd year planted

treenutt(8)January 5, 2014

Planted 2 years ago. A couple were planted last year to replace the ones that didn't make it. The ones planted 2 years ago are all 5' tall and a few are over 6' tall. Nothing were done to this mini plantation except mowing. This year I can herbicide around them. Oh, I did prune off all the lower branches. I forgot about that one. The deer seem to love this age. About a half dozen are marked up. Two looked completely girdled which they may or may not make it. Thanks for lookng

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How many years from seed do you think the big ones are? How tall were the seedlings when you planted them?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

pines grow in annual whorls.. and you can guess age based on such ...

due to lack of pic focus.. its hard to do such on this pic ...

conifer forum????

no idea what this means: '.... planted 2 years ago ...This year I can herbicide around them. '

i use roundup generic around mine.. as soon as weeds appear after planting ... and in the months prior.. to clear a space ...

congrats on your success ... you have to really love pines to death.. to not succeed ... your story indicates you treated them properly.. by NOT loving them to death ... good job ...


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Yep....looking real good, Treenut. As an aside, you may well not even need to do any herbiciding around them. They're already up and over the competing vegetation, and that's all that's needed really, to have them win the battle for light.

In my big plantation, when I see conifers I've planted overtopping the weed layer, I consider it victory.


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wisconsitom, that's true I'll probably not waste my time and herbicide.

Ken, when these trees were planted they had needles all they down to they base, therefore preventing herbicide from being applied. That's why in a previous post I had asked for the type of herbicide that foresters used to spray their plantations of pine.

The 2nd year planted are 3 years old and the 1 year planted are 2 years old. I got them when they were just a year old in separate years. So from there, I have no idea when they produce cones, never looked that far in the future. When I planted them they were roughly 6- 15" in height. Not including their root system, which in some cases were a lot longer.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

later.. i saw your other post.. and realized.. if these were that small 2 years ago ... RU would not be easy to apply.. though it could if you learned how ...

and also i am amazed at annual growth ... when you dont have frozen earth for 4 to 5 months ...

finally ... there is no need to remove grass/weeds.. unless you can mulch them ... why make yourself more work... its not like this project is in the middle of a lawn .... [and if that is your lawn.. skip to trees.. you are a lot better growing them ... lol] ....


ps: hope you have a sense of humor ...

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I do. and your right about a lawn. I have owned a lawn service. And I do have to watch myself and control myself in how I manage the farm/property. I want everything to succeed on the property. Who doesn't. But then again its just property. Let nature take its course right? Its hard not to put a human hand on things. Like this freeze we are having, family and friends ask me if I did this or if did that on the property. My reply is if it freezes and dies, it wasn't suppose to be there in the first place. The first year or so in having the property, I hand planted some non-native fruit trees. They are all gone now, died after their first year or so. So after research I planted some more non-native fruit trees more realistic to the area. They are a pain in the arse to take of. No one lives there. Just a weekend or a few days place. We have a 1 acre as a "yard" with includes a trailer shed, barn etc.. The rest wild or close to it Its just hard watching something that you planted, not survive.

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ilovemytrees(5b/6a Western, NY)

Your trees are really pretty. Thank you for sharing your picture.

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