Replacement chain saw for Husqvarna 268XP

nysffMay 15, 2010

After 20 years with the my Husqvarna 268XP, I think it's time for a smaller, lighter saw. It was probably more saw than I needed when I bought, but it served me very well. I'm just a homeowner with large, wooded rural/suburban type lot and do some occasional cutting for neighbors/family. Although I have no complaints about the saw, after 20 years, it's getting a little heavy for the type of work I do with it.

With the experience I've had with Husqvarna and a desire to have a pro quality saw, the new 346XP jumps out as the clear choice. However, I've been thinking, given my use, the "landowner" or Stihl "mid-range" type saws would probably be OK and save a few bucks. Also, I been thinking maybe I should look hard at Stihl as well.

For the mid-range saws, I was looking at either the Husky 450/450e-series or the Stihl MS270. MS280 looks good as well, however, at that price, I'll just buy the 346XP. Any thoughts on those two saws?

And I'm still looking hard at the 346XP and would give the Stihl MS260 Pro a look as well. I could be cutting for another 10-15, who knows maybe another 20 years, so the extra $100-150 for the pro saw isn't much on a yearly basis. But, with two kids, I woulnd't mind keeping the extra funds if a mid-range saw would fit the bill.

Any comments from anyone with any experience with these would be appreciated. Also, anyone have a thought on what a 1989 Husky 268XP with homeowner use (no firewood cutting) would bring on the used market? I'm hoping it will bring in something reasonable to cover part of the cost of the new saw.Thanks

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canguy(British Columbia)

Your saw might fetch $150.00 in good condition here, I don't know what prices are like in your area.
The 450, 270 and 280 are not pro quality saws, they are designed for the occasional user/weekend warrior. What length bar do you want? The MS 260 would be a good choice but is limited to 20" and .325 chain. 3/8 can go on with an Oregon bar but the saw doesn't have the cajones to pull it.
What about a Husky 359, a lot lighter than your current one but uses the same 3/8 chain. Good all around saw.

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Current saw has 20" bar, probably stay with 20". I think my 268XP is somewhere about 16 lbs, so your right, the 359 would be a quite a bit of drop. When I compare it to the 346XP though, I'm thinking the 346XP is pro, another lb lighter, relatively the same performance, and about the same price. Interesting though, Husky puts the 359 is the landowner category, but states it's a "professional" saw in the description.

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If you are going to keep the saw go for the Husky 346 XP since you have been with this Manufacturer previously . The 361 Stil is another Professional Grade Saw you may wish to look into . As for the 359 much like the former Rancher Saw I was looking at for a while it to is not in the same league. Good Homeowner saw . Either way you can't go to far wrong. Even Echo and Solo have some great Promos on their line recently . It has become a Buyers Market..Good Luck with your search !

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