Live oak roots lifting driveway slab

sophie424January 14, 2009

I have a large (12-14" dia) live oak growing in the middle of my driveway. Over the past year or so its roots seem to be lifting up the slab on 2 sides of the tree, with one side already developing a crack.

What options do I have? I am required to keep an aggregate concrete driveway.


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I do not know any other solution than removing the tree or removing the driveway. Since tree roots suffer when they are smothered by a concrete driveway, I never understand why people would plant a tree in the middle of a concrete driveway.

Most trees react to root suffication issues, by keeping their increasing thickness roots and fine feeder roots as close to the surface as possible.

In addition to that, most any of the large potential growing oaks and lots of other tree species are known to eventually thicken and rise above ground level at the root flair for an at least 4 foot radius around their trunk's base.

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