Spring work:

rustyj14(W/PA)March 11, 2012

So, all winter the moles played heck with my front and side lawns. Dug tunnels everywhere. Made a real mess of them.

Then, last week, i bought a bag of mole repellent, and scattered some of it all along their mounded up tunnels. Then, it snowed. After the snow melted, i got my good old Craftsman lawn tractor out, and squashed all of those tunnels down fairly flat. Haven't seen a mole or tunnel since! Picked up all the broken limbs and twigs that fell off the Maple Tree, and gathered the bigger sticks up.

Then, there came a knock at the front door-went to see-was the Boro Cop! He asked me if i can fix his old lawn tractor. I said all he has to do is get it here, and i'd fix it. Probably needs some TLC. It is a Dynamark. No problem. Just some spring tuneup work, and a leaking fuel tank. AHHH! C'mon Spring!!

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Would you mind telling what brand of mole repellent you use? Have a friend whose yard is infested with moles. Claims she has tried every thing with no luck getting rid of them.

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The trade name is: Mole-max. BUT!! I went out this morning, and that dratted mole is at it again. Guess I'll sit and wait with a pointed stick. When the rain gets the lawn soft--i'll seek him out!
One time, i made a pointed stick, and poked holes in the yard, and poured gasoline in them. But, thats too expensive, now.
I have seen movie clips that showed elaborate mole traps, mole killers, and exploding mole traps. And, to think i had that blind rat in my hand last fall, and the Grand-kids asked me not to kill it! So, i'm regretting it, now! Rots a ruck!

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I tried the gasoline trick for wasp, the kind that dig holes in the ground. We had two little girls and usually had a yard full of neighbor children. One day I was mowing and saw an entrance. I continued to mow and the more I thought about it, it was obvious I had to do something. I immediately stopped the mower, got a quart of gas and poured it down the hole. It kept bothering me as I finished the yard. When finished, I decide I would burn the wasp nest. So I may a wick out of a newspaper, lite the end, and touched the hole. It scared the life out of me when fire shoot out of several holes around the yard. Fortunately no one was near any of them and the holes were near nothing that could be damaged. I thought about what I would have told the insurance people if it had been other wise.

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Thanks for the info Rusty. She has had over $700 dollars worth of Tulip bulbs destroyed by the moles. Even tried the smoke bombs for moles and they don't work either. lol Seems they are more active at night in her yard and Tulip beds.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

They after grubs in your yard Milky spore will kill grubs but take this year whip them out mole move on with no grub to eat. its very safe product apply as direction read but can put out half of what they recommend. It last for 15 are more years its pa parasite on grubs and they multiply spores.

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I spent a day working on the cop's old Dynamark lawn tractor. I used my good battery to start it. I cleaned the goo and gunk out of the carb, and finally got the choke box fixed, and after a bit of cranking--it ran well.
So, i called him. Told him i got it to run, but it needs a new battery, and some more work. I was waiting for the ok.
Nothing in answer! And then, the wind blew the paper with his address and phone number away! So i contacted the police department to get his phone number. I couldn't remember his name, so the chief said he'd ask around. I waited for several days, then pushed it outside and covered it. Heard nothing for a week, then yesterday, i heard noises outside and there he was, with a friend, putting the tractor in a pickup. I think he would of snuck off with it, if i hadn't caught him in action! And then, maybe have come back, all innocent, and asking for his tractor. What a can of worms that could of been!
I did collect $40 from him before he left. I was glad to get rid of that piece of scrap! Heck, if he had been nicer to me, i might have done more work for less. Maybe

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nod702.... moles also eat earthworms, flowerbulbs, as you know and plant roots... not just grubs. there is a product available called "Talprid". you can get it at landscape chemical supply warehouses....it is a bait.... a rodenticide that is shaped like earthworms... you place the bait in the tunnel....make sure no light/openings in the tunnel (the mole won't use the tunnel if it senses light) and that's it. they eat the bait and then perish underground.

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