which one to choose..

cherrykist(Z-7 NC)April 2, 2014

Aloha or New Dawn? If you had to choose between the two which one would you choose and why? I can' t decide, so I am hoping y'all can help out.

Tammy O

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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

I've never grown Aloha but have grown New Dawn and hated it. It wasn't suitable for my hot and dry climate but beside that was viciously thorned, had thick, awkward canes and the blooms weren't much to write home about. This is a rose for people in cold climates who don't have the choices that those in warmer climates do. I believe Aloha also has rather thick canes and is very upright. You might want to investigate other roses before you make a final decision.


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

I love New Dawn for the blooms (fat: my favorite), but she's really, really huge and mean! I have 3 now, in out-of-the-way places where she can climb. She blooms in a lot of shade, so sometimes she's excellent just for that. Mine repeats nicely, but many complain about her lack of repeat. I always have cuttings of my clone, btw, everyone.

I've never grown Aloha. She would pretty much have to be less frightening, though!

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I vote for Aloha. New Dawn may have a lot of good qualities but I prefer the flowers of Aloha plus they smell stronger.

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Aloha is a parent of Abraham Darby, from DA. AD has larger, some think more beautiful blossoms than Aloha. Both are large shrubs, or pillar roses. AD is known for weak necks, which might not be a problem in a well watered area like where you are.

ND is a repeat blooming sport of a massive once blooming rambler, and it grows like a rambler. Long, thorny canes grow outwards in every direction.

ND would do for a fence along a property line, but in your climate, you could have Mermaid for a similar spot. Aloha and AD are more civilized roses for a nice border or bedding scheme. I agree that ND is a rose for cold climates.

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vasue(7A Charlottesville)

Visited a lot of country gardens during social events when I belonged to a local garden club. If there was a rose in these gardens, it was New Dawn. Seemed they had been given free reign in a way that always reminded me of the nearly impenetrable barrier that surrounded Sleeping Beauty in the fairytale. Gave the impression that New Dawn is a formidable rose & thus I've never chosen to include it. It's certainly lovely in many of the gardens posted here, just find myself rather faint of heart at the prospect of attempting to control its growth. May plant it someday at the edge of the woods where it could be left to its own wild ways festooning the trees.

I'd been charmed by pictures & descriptions of Aloha for years without ever encountering it in person. One Spring seven years ago, ordered ownroot gallons of Aloha & her sport Dixieland Linda/Lady Ashe. Grew them on in periodically larger pots & planted them out the second Fall. Originally meant to repot them again & plant the following Spring, but found I didn't have larger pots handy, so planted them in a new bed, thinking I could relocate them. (Like to let climbers attain some height before planting away from the house, since they need deer protection till they bloom above nibble height.) They're both still where they landed & have grown on their own as freestanders rather than trained as climbers, since I haven't given them support. Now, I do have an arch that would work for them & may actually install it this year! This is often how my garden grows...

This is what I've found. Aloha has put on about a foot of sturdy cane height each year, from arriving at 6" high, and added a couple of new canes each year. At the moment, it's 6.5' tall by 5' wide, growing in a natural vase shape. Although the canes are sturdy, they're still flexible. An 8' buddleia in a huge pot spent this winter a few feet away from Aloha. That wasn't a good idea. We had several heavy snowfalls that weighed down the buddleia's branches over Aloha to the point where Aloha bent over past 45 degrees. Beside myself at the prospect of Aloha breaking, debated whether to try to remove the snow or let it be, and opted not to intervene, fearing I might do more damage attempting to prevent breakage. Aloha straightened up as the snow melted each time, finally standing tall again, as if to say, "Why all the fuss?"

Aloha began blooming the first year here - I didn't nip the buds - and blooms well all over the canes & laterals, several dozen blossoms opening at a time with more developing right alongside them. No health issues here, where high humidity pushes blackspot pressure, with nothing in the way of intervention.

The blooms are every bit as nuanced in their rich coloration as the pictures I'd seen, and the fragrance is true & full "rose" damask with fruity undertones. Blossoming is continuous here from mid-early to past several frosts deep into the Fall. Much of the foliage is retained till well into January, relieving the bare branches look. No dieback, even through this unrelenting Winter, and I do leave the last hips on till Spring.

Nik asked about Aloha in the linked thread, so there's more info there. I'm enchanted with Aloha in every respect.

Here is a link that might be useful: Standalone Aloha

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Wish I had a good full bush shot of my Aloha, the ones I have aren't very clear, but here is a single bloom from September of '13. I've had mine for several years and like it better every year. I am not experienced with very many different climbers, but I do love Aloha. The fragrance is heavenly, when it comes through.

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I have ND and it hasn't grown very pretty in my hot SE Tx climate and it doesn't repeat for me. I think I would choose aloha.

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Here in Winston-Salem, I have a pink Aloha that I bought from Chamblee's last year and planted on a south wall next to my house. It was very small but gave me a few very pretty, sturdy blooms.
To my surprise, it has been one of the first to start leafing out this year with EXTREMELY glossy, healthy looking foliage. I can't wait to see what it does this year! I would recommend Aloha.

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I took out my New Dawn last year.(not an easy task) It had a pretty spring bloom and then nothing…nada. It was such a monster I could not prune or control it.It got quite out of hand! I will miss the spring bloom, but it had to go. I would say Aloha might be a better choice. Good Luck. Lesley

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