How to remove the flywheel on Sears lawnmower model 917.337 321

loger_gwMay 16, 2012

How to remove the flywheel on Sears lawnmower model 917.337 321 (Eagle1) Ser # 03 1297M 000692.

1. My neighbor hit a stump with his mower, complains that it runs but bad and smokes.

2. Is the ser # sawing it's an 03 model, is the eng a Briggs or Tecumseh, key looks Tec?

3 I wanted to pull the flywheel, it looked too easy to break, had 3 holes to tap to pull?

3 My large gear pull would fit the flywheel but I feel it w/h snapped before pulling it?

3. I reassembled all to see how bad it runs after straightening the blade the best I could.

4. The mower d/n run that bad nor did it smoke at any of the locations he pointed out.

5. If he tilted the mower looking at the blade, that is probably what caused the smoke.

6. Drive belts covers were packed w/grass top/bottom but I saw no signs of smoking.

7. IMO if the flywheel key was damaged, it w/n run, backfire/kickback, none happened?

8. The bent blade and lack of a tune-up and total neglects were the main issues I saw.

Please share some info and opinions on this model. Thanks!

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Better recheck the Model#. It doesn't come up at Sears.

Flywheel key could have sheared with the flywheel making a nearly complete rotation?? (Unlikely, but not impossible)

IF the engine number is a 143,xxxxxx, it's a Tec.
Else look for a typical Briggs Model & Type#.

I would never straighten a blade and reuse. Especially for someone else. Think of the potential liability! Even "good guys" sue when things go wrong.

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Very good point on the blade vs me not wanting to add gas or change the needed oil. I feel he was giving his needed mower to me but I said, let me check it for your use. I�ll suggest that he has it checked for a bent blade/crank, tune-up and Etc before using it.


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1. The eng # is 143.976606 and came up at Sears.
2. I could see what appeared as a steel key (related to old Tec vs Briggs' old Al keys) and no noticeable damage.
3. The blade was the strongest flexible steel I have seen (very little damage to the stomp) and possibly old blade damage.

Thanks Again! For the warning and info ("We Live In A Brave New World").

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