Rust Shovel

leraMay 20, 2010

Egads!! My shovel got left out last fall by my stepson. What is the best way to clean off the rust? I seem to remember something called Navel Jelly that my dad used, but I don't know anything about it.

Thanks for your help. I knew you all would know best.

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Probably the best way is just to use the shovel, the dirt, rocks etc will remove 99% of the rust while you work. While your at it probably a good wipe or three with linseed oil on the handle. Wet sand also does wonders to clean rust off shovels, hoes & rakes. After it's clean just wipe with a bit of oil to keep it and yourself happy.

Thanks for saying Egads! Made my day!

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Egads Roflmbo ! Yep you are in Good Hands with the Linseed !
Save the Environment and get some exercise and forget the Navel Jelly....The Wife will be Impressed !

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Naval Jelly won't remove rust anyway, it's more a paint stripper.

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Rust will never hurt the shovel. It will clean itself in the soil.

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I have to admit that I am actually in the totally don't worry about it group except that I too use linseed oil on the handle on a too infrequent schedule. However, for the more dedicated, I have heard others kill a couple of birds by filling a bucket with sand mixed with (used?) motor oil. They then store several shovels in the bucket thus keeping them clean and all standing up in one place.

By the way: naval jelly is nitric acid in a jell. It can be used to disolve metal which removes the rust with it. This is useful, after sanding, for getting down into small pits. It is particularly good at removing rust on smoooth machinery.

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Naval Jelly is actually phosphoric acid, not nitric. If you want to use it to remove rust just wire brush the shovel first to get off most of it, then "paint" on the naval jelly and let it sit for 5-10 minutes (no longer then 15), then wash it off with water. I personally wouldn't bother with it though, as it will wear off the next time you use it as others have noted.

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