what new roses have you recently obtained?

growing_rene2April 5, 2013

we finally had another gorgeous day & I couldn't resist! After looking through catalogs & becoming quite impatient of a new arrival, I visited the local home improvement store & bought a Charisma (floribunda) & an ever-so-faithful knockout. along with three red drift roses. I do believe I have been bitten by the rose bug! who else??!

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Joyce91(10A FL)

From Herloom Roses, I purchased:
Jude the Obscure
Crocus Rose
Glamis Castle
White Dawn
They arrived looking very healthy. Can't wait to plant them tomorrow!

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I just received Pope John Paul II from J&P and have a Cabana on order from them.

From Heirloom I have a Michaelangelo and a Candy Land on order.

Locally I've been picked up:

Color Magic
Chicago Peace
Cl Pink Peace
Peace (to replace my one lost over the winter)
Yankee Doodle
Reine de Violettes
White Magic
Portrait / Stephanie de Monaco

I think that's about it at the moment, now I need some stable weather so I can plant them!!

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I love that I am not the only one bitten. I have heard about Jude the obscure, though I don't think I have seen any close by. I have so many I want from RVR & NR, now I just need to plan the space for them before my purchase! I am so glad spring is here. :-)

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Spring has arrived in Texas, too, Rene, and I am celebrating! My purchases this spring are Firefighter, Oklahoma, Steven's Big Purple, Heirloom and Francis Debruil. Being this is my first forage into the more modern roses, am looking forward to see how they do here.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Oh, I've added so many more this year I'm a little embarssed to post them...and a bit overwhelmed to plant them!


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Lol. Me too, Tammy.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

No purchases this month for me so far, but it is early and none last month.

But, I just made a tutor for Reine des Violettes and wound her rather bare but full of bud eye canes. I will have to take photos, both of her beautiful roses and of the happy and ugly leaves. I caught that she was starting new growth in that fashionable shade of yellow...ha....and quick added the acid fertilizer and let her have the water with a splash of vinegar that we cleaned the birdbath with. Very happy newer growth in a nice shade of green now.

I have been busy planting my baby bands and the bushes the neighbor gave me. Only one of those is not doing great, one that I really wanted of course. But I think it is coming around finally. Of course all the too red reds are very happy and will look wonderful by the poms.

The Golden Celebrations I picked up from Camarillo are looking very happy and I am enjoying them. They have that same bright spring green as the persimmon tree across from them. Very pretty.

I still have a few more to plant and until they are in the ground (and the big party over) No new roses for me!

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I got first 3 in 20 years; St. Patrick,Double Delight, Olympiad.Only non climber HT in the yard. Deer are very interested.

I have room for a few more and am thinking about going to this:

Here is a link that might be useful: A celebration of old roses

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I usually have to remove roses to have room for new ones. I got a Night Owl to replace a dwindling Joseph's Coat, Julia Child standard to replace a rose tree with crown gall, and a Dark Knight.

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seil zone 6b MI

Another Camelot body bag but I also ordered Archduke Charles and Duchesse de Brabant.

My rose society is going to a nursery this month for our meeting. They sent is their rose list for this year and we can pre-order/reserve what we want. There are about ten I'd like to get but I can only afford one because of space and money. Thinking about Love Song ?

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peachymomo(Ca 8)

Despite my intentions of refraining from ordering any more roses (pot ghetto was just reduced from 40 to 31 with the creation of the Rose Wheel Garden) I caved when I started thinking about how nice it would be to have some wild and rambely roses in the woodland border I am starting to collect plants for. So I went back for one last Vintage order and of course I went overboard, some OGR's I wanted that weren't available before were there now so they made it in...

I ordered:

Madam Alfred Carriere
Général Galliéni
Assemblages des Beautés
Bouquet de Venus
La Rubanée
Rosa corymbifera
Rosa gentiliana
Rosa macrophylla doncasterii

And my alternates (just in case):

Mme. Berkeley
Beau Narcisse
Elegant Gallica
Rosa Helenae

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

I also ordered from Vintage before it closes and got:

Heirloom, Pink Rosette (2), Poulsen's Pink, Mlle. de Sombreuil, Pink Soupert, Little White Pet, Chaucer and Souvenir de St. Anne's. From Austin it was Young Lycidas, a rose I've wanted for a long time, and from Burlington Annie Laurie McDonnell, a climber without thorns that sounds like the perfect rose in many ways.

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This year I got another Julia Child after seeing how well the one I got last spring did. Such a cheery bloom.

Also got another New Zealand which seems to be a vigorous, trouble-free bush.

Got my first two minis: Gourmet Popcorn and Rainbows End. I'm embarrassed to say that I thought miniatures stayed little, didn't do my homework. So after getting these two, I had to find bigger spaces for them than originally planned.

Got a second Betty Boop. It's such a great bush--just blooms and blooms, doesn't need deadheading. I love it along with her boyfriend, Playboy, which is good also.

I have no more space for new bushes unless something "goes."

I tried to shovel prune Tropicana, chopped it down to nothing, but it grew back so beautiful! Who'd thought that was a way to cure a mildew-ridden bush? We'll see how it does through "June Gloom."

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I got 'Twilight Zone' and 'Darcy Bussel'. I shoveled...what did I shovel? Can't even remember now, so I must not miss them!
'Sweet Vivian' is in terrible decline, another spot may open up...

Like socks and kathy, must remove one to buy one.

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

After a week's trek across the U.S., which was was preceeded by a week's hangup at the Canadian border (that's two full weeks on the road), my two bareroot roses from Hortico have been planted, and are popping out all over. They were beautifully packaged--so kudos to Hortico. The two were Augusta Luise (I'm most excited about this one), and Royal Bonica. Locally, I bought Munstead Wood and two Diamond Eyes. I'm going to get Easy Does It and Koko Loco in a couple of days. These two, along with Angel Face (sigh), are replacements for the roses which were lost in our horrible January weather, the worst temps we have had in years. Until this winter, I had never lost a rose to the cold. Angel Face was an excellent rose with breathtaking blooms for two years, so I'm getting another. I don't think I can be without that rose. Diane

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seil zone 6b MI

Gee, Diane, I'm stumped as to why Angel Face croaked for you. My mom bought it back in the early 70s some time and it's been wintering great here since then. And I'm a zone colder than you. We get below zero temps every year and in recent years no snow cover to speak of. Try planting the bud union a little below ground and see if that helps.

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Sharifa Asma
White Cockade
Big Ben
Legend Rose
Girl's night out
Just Joey
Paradise Found
Twilight Zone
Dolly Parton
Francis Meilland
Lady of Shalott
Sutter's Gold
Crimson Glory
Darcey Bussell
Blue Girl
Good life
Abe Darby

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

seil, I exaggerated a bit in that Angel Face still has a few inches at the base of the plant that are alive and are leafing out, even. But I'll have to cut off so much of the plant that's dead that I don't know if I want to start over with such a little bit of remaining plant. What do you think? I'm not experienced with this. Should I regrow AF from this remaining few inches? The other two roses are in the same shape, but I've never liked them, and they've been real turkeys, so I really want to replace those two. I also realized after you mentioned planting the bud union below grade that I hadn't done that with AF (just noticed, in fact), which is something I never do, normally. I don't know what happened with that planting. Totally messed up, I guess. Should I replant AF? I shouldn't be so off topic and I apologize. I do need some advice on this. Thanks, seil. Diane

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I ordered:
- Jude the Obscure (I can't live without this rose. It's a classic rose)
- Gertrude Jekyll ( I love her scent, even though I got rid of her several times in the past.)
- Evelyn (to replace my existing Evelyn rose that is badly infected with RMV)
- Claire Rose ( I hope this is a good rose)
- Souvenir de La Malmaison (I hope she does well here. I tried the climbing version and it was a disaster.)

Roses that I'm planning to get rid of to make room for the newbies
- Felicite Parmentier (too many dead canes during the summer time. How sad. Plus it's a once bloomer, and the garden looks too green and lack of blooms. I hope I won't regret on getting rid of her. Her scent and blooms look and smell pure and romantic.
- Duchess de Montebello (a once bloomer. This year, it mildew like bad and some dead canes.
- Claire Austin (looks unimpressive in real life.)
- Evelyn (RMV)

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I sure don`t have much room left...but I manage to find a little space! From Regan I have planted Grande Dame, Windermere and Francic Meiland. All bareroots look good, so far. From David Austin I got Sharifa Asma, Queen of Sweeden, Lady Emma Hamilton and Englands Rose. Sharifa and Queen look great and healthy. Englands Rose was puny but I planted it. Lady Emma was a one stick with one root. I called David Austin and they were wonderful. They sent me replacements for both with no question. I really do appreciate the wonderful customer service and I know these roses will be beautiful soon. I still wait for Pink Popcorn, Michelangelo, and St. Elizabeth of Hungary from Heirloom. These will go in pots for now. So excited for spring!! Lesley

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I'm so excited--spent a lovely (if very windy day) yesterday planting 4 new arrivals--Pompenella, Elina, Berolina, and a mini called Little Sunset from Palatine Nursery and The Wedgewood climber from David Austin.

A few weeks earlier, I planted Austin's Munstead Wood and Scepter'd Isle, and a couple weeks from now I should get my final order from Chamblees: Austin's Molineux and Buff Beauty.

Three of those are replacements--casualties of our extreme drought and ovenlike heat last summer (though Buff Beauty never really fully recovered from a giant oak branch falling on her--poor thing). This is the first time I've had to contend with extreme, prolonged heat destroying some roses--ominous forecast for the future? I hope not.

Of the new ones, I'm most excited about Munstead Woods and Pompenella.

Spring is soooooo exciting. I can hardly wait for my new roses to put out their first new growth!

Note to Nanadoll: Speaking for seil (without her permission, I should add), I wouldn't worry about Angel Face. In my Zone 6 (in the past before global warming changed our winters), it was not uncommon for winter to freeze back my HTs and floribundas to several inches from the ground, but they quickly make up for lost time and are full-sized and floriferous before long. After all, they are not babies with baby roots that need to grow. Even frozen back, Angel Face is still a mature plant, root wise, so it will burst forth with lots of energy. It will be a bit on the short side this year, but not a dinky little plant. By next year, it will be back to normal in height. (But if seil has different advice, follow hers--I haven't grown Angel Face for a number of years and may have forgotten some of her idiosyncracies.)


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Munstead Wood, Lady of Shalott, Princess Alexandra of Kent, Royal Highness. That's it for this spring.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

A real PA of K would be on my buy list. I am pretty sure what ever I have is not going to be her (despite the tags that I left on her saying she is a PA of K)

I did purchase 4 Santa Barbara Sages and a Goodwin Grey Lavender to interplant a couple of the roses.

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I just planted "Grimm Brothers Fair Tale" Floribunda from Kordes. I'm really looking forward to seeing the beautiful orange and yellow blooms.

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Note back to Kate: thanks so much for your advice about Angel Face. I'm still kind of worried I'll end with a "half rose" since the canes on one side of the plant have frozen back to nothing (I think) while the other has a few inches of cane and is leafing out. I'll definitely give AF some more time. Diane

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I can't remember them all. But here's what I do remember...

LEGENDS (replacement)
HARMONIE (replacement)
JALITAH (replacement)
CLICHE (replacement)

Can't remember what else.

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Was at Lowe's yesterday to check out the dishwashers (Our cheepo took a dump) and decide to walk through the garden center. It caught my eye first then I turned Debbie's head and pointed. She spotted it. A row of 7 Chrisma's. We had 4 bush's of Chrisma around a water pump when we lived in Winter Haven, Fl. (1980's/90's). Grabbed a good looking one up and home it came with us. It will be in a decore pot. We both really like this rose.

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Campanula UK Z8

nothing, nada, zilch.....but, as a consolation, I have many seedlings poking up in the greenhouse - an orgy of pricking out and potting on awaits over the next few weeks.......and around the start of June,I will be expecting to see flowers on the bare roots I planted last November including a rather special (and costly) import, Dawn Crest and another new hulthemia. My daughter got the 2 purples - Purple Skyliner and a Carruth rose going by the name of Royal Celebration, then there is Golden Wings, another Hebe's Lip and marbled pink, a little burnet rose.

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Maryl zone 7a

Ken: Did you mean Charisma? That's all I could find on HMF. I hadn't heard of it before so went to look it up. I'm a "pot" person, so am always interested in good container roses in a warm growing climate....Hoovb. Darcy Bussel has gotten some very good reviews I hope you will comment on how it does for you when it is established......The only new one I've gotten so far is Shockwave. It's a medium yellow Floribunda that will probably suffer the same fate as all my past yellows. Either they can't take the heat or the erratic winters, or blackspot themselves to death. But I always have hope......Maryl

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kentucky_rose zone 6

Good as Gold - Edmund's

Red Intuition - Palatine Roses
Pope John Paul II
Martina Mondadori

2 - 4 from K&M early May

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Maryl---Yes, I meant Charisma. Sorry about the spelling. Sometimes (?) I get in a big hurry and my brain moves faster then my fingers.

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Added 8 new bare roots and all are in containers as I have a patio backyard.
Double Delight
First Prize
New Day
Charlotte Brownell
Kordes Perfecta which I already have but it does well for me so needed another.

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seil zone 6b MI

I could be in trouble. We're heading off on our first trip of the season to our favorite nursery today. I'll report back later...

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Tuggy3(9b NorCal)

I was given two surprise gifts-Vesuvius a 1923 HT. It's a red single. The other is a hand painted floribunda Priscilla Burton on its own roots. That means it will remain about 18" and can be planted at the front of a bed. They are both band sized from Vintage. Kind of special ones to me anyway.

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I planted an Ebb Tide this winter and I LOVE it!!!! The blooms are a nice size for a floribunda, dark purple with no fading, the sprays have between 5 and 11 blooms, and the scent is HEAVENLY!!!! Our house is elevated from the street so we have a steep sidewalk with a retaining wall next to it. at the bottom of the side walk an average person is 2 feet above the retaining wall. I planted roses in gradually taller heights so that the blooms are near nose level the entire 12 foot walk up to the house. i am so glad I planted this one!!!!

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I'm jealous of those of you who have room to plant so many!

I only ordered 2 so far but am checking out what comes in locally.

From Heirloom:
* Abraham Darby Climbing--to replace my Eden that I believe has RRD :(

* Love Grandiflora. I hope it does well for me--it's so pretty!

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seil zone 6b MI

Well I was disappointed. The nursery we went to didn't have their roses in yet. She said by next weekend for sure though. The only thing we bought was a 4 pack of tomatoes, lol.

We stopped at English Gardens, our local chain nursery, and they only had a bunch of the same old, same old Star peat pots in. I toyed with getting a Chicago Peace or Love and Peace, which were the best of the lot, but decided not to. We ended up buying a really pretty pericallis called Senetti. Intense purple that was the only thing that caught our eye.

Can you believe that. Two nurseries and I didn't come home with any roses! I must be slipping...

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river_crossroads z8b Central Louisiana

Cecile Brunner, Cl
Rainbow's End, Cl miniature

Arrived 3/22/13 from Burlington Roses. My first time to buy from Burling Leong and a very pleasurable experience.

Actually my first roses of my own, ever. I grew up with roses but thought they were too difficult and did not have any until after I joined my local rose society in February. Socks, I see above that you got Rainbow's End tho' mine is the cl version. Hopeful! River

Came with 3 buds and has developed a 4th
My Rainbow's End Cl, click "Next" several times

This post was edited by river_crossroads on Tue, Apr 16, 13 at 9:05

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My Charles de Gaulle and World War II Memorial bloomed over last weekend. They're still quite small (Hortico) but I love the color of both. I am surprised the plants I get from Hortico do so well in my desert soil. I hope they start catching up to the others as the weather warms here.

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A dandy of a spring for me:

New Roses:
Grande Dame
Love Song
Twilight Zone
Tahitian Sun Rise
Mr. Lincoln
Easy Going
Golden Showers
An Unknown 2-tone rose from my grandmother
Another Unknown thornless red from my grandmother

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I shouldnt be buying any, but.... I've bought Twilight Zone (new purple grandiflora) and am waiting for the tree rose version of Love Song (new lavendar floribunda) to come in our local nursery. That's it!

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My new roses this year are Cl Cecile Brunner, Cl Pinkie, Fortuniana, and I'm tryng for the first time grafted on Fortunianna: Hot Princess, Elina, The McCartney Rose, Tiffany, Louisville Lady, Firefighter, Voodoo, and Folklore.

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I love spring! I have 2 new grandifloras. The orange New Year & the pink Sonoa. For some reason I thought the Sonia was more peach than pink....until I got her home. Still a beauty! :-)

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seil zone 6b MI

Well, I've just gone completely nuts! I picked up two Frank Benardella mini/miniflora today, Jilly Jewel and Double Take. I HAVE to STOP!!

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Well, I wasn't going to get any but a got some money for my birthday. Not enough to order one but I did see several that caught my eye. Actually, three but I can't get them all so I'm trying to decide between Gold Glow, Summer Sunshine or Gold Medal. Only, I'm not sure how well Gold Medal would do in my zone.

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St. Swithun - climber anybody know anything about it?
Crown Princess Margareta Climbing
Port Sunlight
Blue Girl
Julia Child
Silver Star
Moonlight Magic
Belinda's Dream

Waiting to hear if they will ship Ingrid Bergman.

This post was edited by treehugger100 on Tue, Apr 30, 13 at 0:33

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seil zone 6b MI

Mori, are you specifically looking for a yellow hybrid tea? If you're worried about wintering them HTs will be the most tender and suffer the most die back probably. You might want to look at some floribundas or shrubs instead. They tend to be hardier. Julia Child is one I know is hardy but there is also a new one out called Sparkle & Shine, although I don't know about it's hardiness yet.

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jktx55(8a TX)

I went crazy as usual.
Strike It Rich
Wild Blue Younder
New Year
Gold Glow
Blue Girl
Miss All American Beauty
Proud Land
Fragrant Cloud
Royal Highness
Gold Medal

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