Craftsmen 24' / 900 Series Tiller Leaking Oil

cactusmcharrisMay 14, 2010

I recently, as part of warming up the machine from winter idleness, operated the machine with its oil level about 1/2 a quart below full. Today I topped it off to full and started it. Oil started leaking near the air cleaner unit and it seemed to be coming out of the muffler, too.

I thought it was a normal burn-off of accumulated crud until I realized this wasn't a burn-off but oil somehow spitting out and hitting the hot engine, resulting in the accompanying cloud of smoke.

Anyway, what can I do about this? I'm waiting while it cools off, then I'll clean and assess. I plan to take the air cleaner off and see if there's an oil leak, but I'm wondering if, considering its recent history, it just needs a clean-up? Could topping off the oil result in some leakage that will eventually stop by itself after the lubrication system is fully lubricated?

Thanks for your ideas.

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24 inch, not 24 foot. Geez, you'd think I'd have that down by now...

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