Stihl BT121 ($900) or Echo EA 410 ($700) Earth Augers?

loslunasfarmsMay 13, 2010

Im going to be planting a few hundred trees and build a fence. I think that I will buy an auger to help me with the task.

Does anyone have preference which is better?

The Echo has:


1. bigger engine 42 CC, 32:1 gear ratio

2. 5 year warranty

3. lots of attachments

4. No reverse

5. Weights 22 lbs

6. 5 year warranty

7. Cost $700

The Stihl


1. Smaller engine 30 CC, 50:1 gear ratio

2. 2 year warranty

3. Reverse

4. Weights 18 lbs

5. 2 year warranty

6. Cost $900

Can you guys help me out over any additional pros and cons?

Best wishes!

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masiman(z7 VA)

What size/caliper tree are you planting? I can't see an auger being overly handy for tree planting.

If you can get away with renting the auger, that might be cheaper.

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They are in tall 4in x 4in x 12 in pots. I have 200+ to plant along with other work.

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Get the Echo, every Echo I own is built well, can't say that about Stihl anymore , some are built good, some are built cheap. I think this auger should be built well but the Echo is for sure ,has more power and cost less. Steve

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