Looking for good quality comercial grade trimmer with attachments

daver_gMay 24, 2010

After taking on more work Ive decided to buy some good tools. I really don't want to clutter up the vehicle with too many small engines so I'm hoping to find a reliable engine with multiple attachments. hedge trimmer and blades instead of string primarily. I'm told that echo and stihl are the best and I cant wait to give away the ryobi. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I STILL cant get the string to advance properly! LOL A friend bought a new stihl recently and the string it came wound with would not bump advance for either of us. I really believe after this many years and so many different machines and the same problem 90 percent of the time I truly have a curse :) Still, I gotta get one...

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

I saw guy at walmart parking lot use trimmer with just one string coming out head look like string out about 30 inches no sheild just keep string long by ware off end as cut. He said string never got tangeld using single stran.

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I went with the stihl km 90. Dealer easily talked me out of buying the bigger more expensive engine. I wasn't as impressed with the echo attachments. The blower attachment for the stihl looks like a cannon! The warranties are the same: 2 yrs for commercial use.
30 in of string with no guard. Sounds like that guy at walmart is up for a darwin award!
Have a great summer everyone

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I have two fairly new 26ss Homelite Mighty Weed Trimmers. Both have less then two (2) hours of running time on them. On one the pull string wont return, it wonÂt start the engine. I tried rewinding the spring and the string at least 8 times and I still canÂt get this thing to work right. I am an automotive machinist of over 40 years I work with the smallest to the largest engines all day. I had several other Top Machinists in the shop take a look at it as well. The string wont return back to its original position after a load is applied to the engine. After the second pull it jams again. The only other option I can think of is to replace the starter pulley. But the trimmer is new right????? I paid $120.00 for the thing new, and spent about $400.00 in time trying to fix it. The other trimmer the muffler fell off after the third (3) usage

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Papa: Avoid Duplicating Threads , have answered your questions on previous Original Thread !

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