Stihl 08s can't keep running

joed(6)May 22, 2011


Saw will sort of run if choke is partly on or worked to keep running.

If revved up to cut it might run for 30 seconds then keeps stalling.

Seems to idle fine.

Suspecting fuel issues, the carb has been apart several times.

Pulled fuel line out and inspected pickup filter. Screens look new and clear.

As a test I pull filter off and ran bare tube. With some adjusting of the HI and LO it seems like it runs fine.

Do those screens clog even when they look like new?

Do I need a carb kit?

The top of the tank has barbed fitting for some sort of intake filter. There is nothing there now. Do I need that filter to make it run properly?

What about the air filter. Could that be an issue. I don't remember checking that yesterday but I think I did when I first started trying to resolve this issue last fall. I gave up far while when I was loaned and saw to use.

Here's a picture. The unit has been cleaned up since the pic was taken.

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Joe: 90 % of the issues you are experiencing are caused buy fuel restructions within the carb fuel circuits . I suspect that the Primary circuit is partially plug with gum or varnish . I would 1st check the inlet prefilter screen located under the disphram base cover . Also check the diaphram for any small tears or cuts or excessive sag . If all appears ok then a simple fuel cleaner addition 2 ounce with fresh fuel will most likely resolve your problems . Leave the fuel filter in a small container of cleaner overnight along with the new fuel mixture within the saw , then blow it out with compressed air and reinstall. Your High and Low Speed jets should also be removed and blown out with carb cleaner and compressed air . Adust both to 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 turns out from seated. Run the saw over idle and medium to high rpm range for approx 3-5 minutes and then check the response . Usually a 1/2 tank of fuel with concentrated conditioner will remove issues your are having . Let us know how you make out .
Note: If using premium 2-stroke oil 40-1 or even 50-1 Ratio is sufficient . Also ensure your spark plug and air filter are in good condition . Once the saw appears to be running ok I can give you tips on carb fine tuning .

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take this for what it worth? If you know how to keep care of your equimpment then disregard?

See all that fine dust? it's the stuff you can't see that plugs up the fuel system and air filtration system. You may have to get in the habit of cleaning the saw after use or it will soon be useless no matter what brand it is depending on the enviorment it's working in?

I know you said you cleaned it up since the piture, but that IMO has to be routine job after use. That way the next time you use it most likely it won't have issues. Work it hard, clean it harder, and of course chain and bar maintenance after use. Do that and that saw may out live you.

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Thanks all. The saw is at the cottage. I will be back there next weekend and let you know what I find.

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