TroyBilt Super Tomahawk chipper-shredder - custom tow bar

Steven Laurin & CompanyMay 28, 2012

Being the 4 year owner of this 1989 machine which I purchased from the 2nd owner who left it unused in a dry barn for 12 years, I have used it quite often with excellent results. The original owner however, had it for 7 years (if my math is correct) and apparently left it by his compost pile during seasonal use. Therefore, there's a slight bit of weathering to the finish.

Regardless, for a 23 year old heavy duty chipper/shredder, it's in great shape. The chipper blade and hammer flails are in like-new condition, as is the 8 hp Briggs engine. Electric start works well too after trying with my JD's battery, but haven't yet purchased a dedicated battery. There's really no need anyway - starts on 1st or 2nd pull.

Problem is, the brush piles and compost bins are about > 200 feet from the garden/tool sheds, and this sucker is heavy to haul by hand. Since I'd like it protected in a shed when not in use, I've been meaning to build a tow bar, but have not gotten around to it 'till this past weekend.

For those who may be interested, I designed and built my own using 3/4" EMT (electircal/mechanical conduit), some scrap aluminum bar stock from a kicker motor lift from a long-past power boat and various frameclamp fittings left over from a winter cover from our last cruising sailboat. The result is perfect for my needs and works wonderfully. Best part is, it only cost me $6 in materials from HD.

Pics below are of poor quality, taken with my cell phone is a dimly lit garage. Once the chipper/shreddder is outdoors and in use next week, I will take better photos using the Olympus 14D. I did haul it around the property a couple days ago using the lawn tractor over mixed terrain, and I'm very pleased . . . will probably use it more often now.

If anyone has interest, I can supply dimensions and a parts list.

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Looks like you did a good job. Sure makes it more mobil.

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Great work. I'd be interested in the parts/dimensions. Thanks in advance.

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Steven Laurin & Company


I've been very busy lately, but will soon put together a parts list and a dimensional drawing of the design that worked for my machine. It was very easy (and fun) to design and build, since I had used available parts + some 3/4" heavy gauge electrical conduit from HM.

It's all about finding the neutral balance point of the towing point of your tractor - work backwards from there.

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I would also love to obtain the parts and dimensions for my husband, his back can no longer handle the weight of our chipper to transport it to the areas it needs to be moved to for the task at hand. Thank you so much.

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Hi could you sent me the parts list. Thanks CWC

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Only those who have horsed one of these beasts up a grassy or forested incline can appreciate what a labor saving and safety enhancing rig this is. I've dragged a considerable distance and put hundreds of chipping hours on one I bought used a dozen or so years ago. Other than replacing belts and sharpening knives, the thing has been virtually maintenance free, and, as you say, she starts on the first or second pull.

I don't know how long it's been since you posted this report, but if you're still out there, I'd very much like to receive your list of parts and dimensions. If not, I probably can work up a pretty good estimate from your excellent pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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could you send me a parts list please. Thanks

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could you send me a parts list please. Thanks

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Can you please send me the parts list and plans. I just pulled this up hill a 1/4 mile.

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archdiver could you please tell me where you got the pipe clamps. Thanks

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Parts List! How about cutting and packaging some kits to ship to those having access to the parts (if they have your model)? Just a thought but someone with the time might consider the challenge. IâÂÂm having trouble finding the time to shave with so many projects. Now I Know Why Men Wear Beards! LOL

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I would love to have these plans!

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FYI, I finally tracked down the source of the frame clamps used to construct this tow bar. Go to:

The assembly requires eight (8) of their Part #901 Three-way T, $5.25 each.

You will have to send an email to place an order, but I found the company to be extremely responsive.

I'm looking forward to receiving my clamps and putting my own tow bar together. The chipping season is upon us!

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