John Deere 445 repair

jjhawkeyeMarch 23, 2012

We have a JD 445 that we have always had a dealer maintain. Had it serviced late Nov to be ready for spring mowing and did not use it after it was returned then. To our surprise the mower had puddles under it when we opened our shed door last week to get the tractor out. Local dealer picked it up and then told us part of leak was due to fluids being overfilled and part due to steering cylinder failure. Again, they were the last to handle it and add fluids,not us. Steering cylinder is costing 250 to replace with same amount in labor. Does it make sense that it would go bad just sitting after fall service? We are suspicious especially after today. Mower was returned yesterday "fixed" only to have another puddle this morning. JD did rrespond promptly today and replaced an o ring. Returned it again this afternoon. Thoughts? Thanks for yout input!

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It may be possible that they aren't getting to the bottom of this. I think time will tell.Is what you are wondering if it was overfilled, did it blow out the seals? The question also at hand is if you and this dealer have built a relationship over the years, are they looking out for you.

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Yes, we are wondering if the overfill blew out the seals.

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Next step is to arrange a meeting between you, the service manager, and the owner of the dealership.

Make them aware of your concerns and dissatisfaction at having to pay for repairs that were not needed until AFTER you had the routine service done by them.

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Agreed. One would think it would take a serious overfill as the system breathes. A meeting sounds in order. Also find out a little about the tech that serviced it. Maybe it was a tech that wasn't very experienced in the hydraulic aspect of the tractor.

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Forget finding out about the tech... that is an internal problem for the owner and service manager and it is best for you to avoid making comments or inquiring. They know who did the repair and are aware of their capability... good or bad

Limit the conversation to the fact that you are a long-time loyal customer who surrendered your expensive tractor for routine maintenance and received it back with problems it didn't previously have and were made to pay for those repairs and there was a leak from those repairs that had to be repaired again.

Expect to pay for the routine maintenance and ask for a refund on those repairs the 445 did not require when dropped off.

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