Keeping pachysandra looking good?

robynpa(5/6 Pgh)May 1, 2007

I have some patches of pachysandra in a shade bed that is mixed in with sweet woodruff, ferns, bleeding heart and other shady perennials. Everything but the pachysanda looks good and lush. The pachysandra is sprawling and leggy.

Should I just rip it out or is there some maintenance that I am not doing to keep it looking good?

I did not put it in - my neighbor did. This bed is really mostly common area but it looks like it belongs to my property. My neighbor has since moved and I have been maintaining the bed so I have no problem ripping it out but if I can get it to look good I will keep it.


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nancyd(5/Rochester, NY)

No, don't rip it out. Pachysandra is hardy stuff. You can revive it. If you have the courage, mow over it with a lawn mower. After you do that rake some fresh topsoil over the top and then fertilize. You should see fresh new growth in no time.

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robynpa(5/6 Pgh)

excellent news - I will cut it back hard and topoff. Thanks!

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I pinch the tips out of my pachysandra when they get too leggy and bare looking. That seems to do the trick, they fill right out again.

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